WONCA Europe

Pre-Forum exchange

   Following Vasco da Gama Movement tradition, the 5th Forum will present the opportunity for 16 attendees to participate in an exchange programme.
   Participants will shadow Portuguese Family Doctors in the Porto metropolitan area and learn about the Portuguese healthcare system. Participants are expected to share basics about their countries' healthcare systems.
   The exchange will be an excellent opportunity to share best practices and find solutions for daily struggles.
   The exchange will last for 4 days (January 22-25th) and will include two and a half days at a Family Doctor's practice. Participants are expected to arrive on the morning of Monday January 22nd, as the first group activity will happen on Monday afternoon.
In short:
When? From 22/01/2018 to 25/01/2018
  • Landing on Monday January 22nd, 2018 in the morning;
  • January 22nd (afternoon): presentation of the Portuguese healthcare system followed by a detailed description of the exchange activities and a first introduction between participants and hosts at the Northern Region Coordination of the Family Medicine Residency Program;
  • January 23rd, 24th and morning of 25th: activities at your host's practice;
  • 24th January (evening): group dinner;
  • January 25th (afternoon): optional social activity [to be announced];
  • January 26th-27th: 5th Vasco da Gama Movement Forum.
Where? Porto metropolitan area.
We are trying to arrange free accommodation with the hosts during the exchange period. Nevertheless Porto is a city with a broad range of accommodation options, from low cost hostels to high end hotels. The local team will be happy to help participants find the best place to stay! Please check the Accommodation section of this website for more information.
   It is not possible anymore to apply for the exchange. The selected candidates have already been contacted.