WONCA Europe

Pre-Forum activities

   Participants are invited to choose one of two optional pre-Forum activities held on Friday the 26th in the morning for an extra fee of only 20€. 
   You may register through the registration platform, available from the Registration section of this website. In case you have already registered for the Forum, you may still sign up for these activites by accessing your personal profile in the registration platform. Hurry up as there are limited places available!
   Option 1 - Porto Exit Games
   Are you a fan of suspense and adrenaline? Or is your 2018 New Year resolution to be a braver Vasco da Gamian? Then this activity is for you! Engage in a fun escape game, make friends and have a great time solving a mistery.
   Option 2 -  Porto Tour
   If you would rather have a relaxing morning discovering the heart of Porto, then do not miss the tour we have prepared for you.