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The Vasco da Gama Movement (VdGM) Education and Training Theme Group (abbr. ET group) focused during the last years on the survey on Vocational Training in GP/FM in seven European countries (Motivation and Satisfaction Questionnaire = MSQ) . The idea of this survey was born in 2004 as we have seen that there are big differences in vocational training all over Europe. The question "What is a good GP?" is discussed regularly at the meetings of the VdGM. We refer to the definition of GP by WONCA that was published in 2002. Later on, the European Academy of Teachers in General Practice (EURACT) developed the Educational Agenda (EA) and took over the 6 core competencies of the definition of GP by WONCA. However, we wondered how far actually these competencies are covered by vocational training in GP in European countries. We were also very interested what made GP trainees choose GP, how satisfied they are and under which circumstances they work. We discussed the idea of a questionnaire within the VdGM and with members of EURACT and the European General Practice Network (EGPRN). A questionnaire has been developed and panel tested with 30 GP trainees in 5 countries in 2008. Following the results of this panel test, we revised the questionnaire and implemented a web-based questionnaire in English. By using this questionnaire, we performed a feasibility study with over 300 GPs in the same year. From 2008 on, the actual survey was performed. All WONCA Europe countries who participate in VdGM were invited to participate. 7 countries finally joined in and national teams were formed. The aims of the survey are
• to explore motivation and satisfaction with GP training across Europe (in relation to working hours, income, work-life-balance)
• to compare coverage and satisfaction with the 6 core competencies of GP as defined by the European definition of family medicine.
The participating national teams translated the English questionnaire into their home language taking into account the WHO standard for translations of documents. Finally, the questionnaire was implemented again on the internet for each participating country.The national teams used their given infrastructure to reach the target population which differed much from country to country. Therefore, recruitment was adapted to suit national circumstances. In 2010, we finished the data collection and performed first analysis using SPSS statistical software. First results were presented in Malaga. Further analysis is planned and will be published nationally and internationally.
Ideas / Projects/Tasks of the Education and Training Group Malaga 2010
The ET group met during the Malaga WONCA Europe conference to invite new members. It seemed important to everybody to be open to new ideas and projects besides the main topic, the MSQ.
 At this meeting, we discussed the following points:
Evaluation form
o For trainers
 Idea: develop a European document that can be adapted nationally
o For trainees
 Overview (database) of different methods to be evaluated in different countries (exams, OSCE, grades given by trainers,...)
Database of General Practice (health care system, education, focus on vocational training) in Europe
Seek cooperation and bring together different concepts from within WONCA and the Vasco da Gama Movement
EURACT databases
Country overviews from the Hippocrates program
"template" sub-project of the MSQ survey group of the Education and Training group
www.gptraining.eu (Salomon from UK)
Medical Quiz/Exam for GPs from all over Europe
Measure performance of GPs all over Europe to find out how "good" GPs actually are (Controversial discussion about this idea)
Don't hesitate to ask your questions or share your ideas in the open discussion board of the Education and Training Group of the Vasco da Gama Movement (see above).
Eckart Blauth
Overview of GP Training in Europe -  www.gptraining.eu 

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