WONCA Europe

Objectives of the National Exchange Co-ordinator & Team

The objectives of the National Exchange Co-ordinators are to:

  • Promote professional General Practice vocational exchanges in their country.
  • Liaise with other National Exchange Co-ordinators & the VdGM Exchange Liaison Person.
  • Establish a National Exchange Team by appointing a team of Regional Exchange Co-ordinators within their country to work alongside them and support exchange activities regionally.
  • Liaise with national educational organisations with the long term aim of incorporating international GP exchanges to training.
  • Ensure their country details are regularly updated on the VdGM website.
  • Co-ordinate national ventures to secure funding for General Practice exchange programmes.
  • Feedback to their VdGM Council Representative (if a different person).
  • Attend the annual VdGM Exchange meeting at the Annual WONCA Europe conference.
  • Encourage GP-trainees/Junior GPs to go on a Hippokrates exchange to another country & for these doctors to advertise their own practices as host practices.
  • Work towards recruiting new hosts to the Hippokrates Programme and maintain current hosts.
  • Approve the educational content of Hippokrates exchanges.
  • Keep a record of incoming and outgoing exchanges.
  • Work towards facilitating further types of international professional primary care exchanges.
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