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Research Theme Group


The aim of the Research Theme Group (RTG) is to provide an active network and platform for young GP's and GP trainees in Europe, interested in research in Primary Care. The network will provide opportunities for interested trainees and juniors to integrate research teams and to get in touch with other junior researchers working on similar research themes in other countries. On the other hand, the platform will help interested persons to find more information about how to do research in Primary Care: what methods should we use? How and where can we publish the results of our efforts?

During the WONCA Europe Conference in Istanbul in 2008, this theme group provided together with Paul van Rooyen (Chairman of EGPRN) a Workshop about collaboration between experimented researchers and motivated young people. Lieve Peeremans, member of EGPRN and working on qualitative research at Antwerpen University in Belgium, told us about collaborative studies: some ongoing studies designed by EGPRN willing and able to include young researchers.

This workshop is supposed to be the introduction of a serie of workshops about research for young GP's and GP-trainees during Wonca Europe Conferences.


Our plans for the future?

  • Creating an online catalogue for research in primary care, to provide answers to frequently asked questions about this topic.
  • Working in close contact with EGPRN, to create collaborative studies.
  • Providing a workshop about primary care research on the WONCA Europe conference in 2009.


If you are interested, or you wish to get some more information about our activities or maybe research activities for youngsters in your country, do not hestitate to contact research@vdgm.eu.

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