WONCA Europe

Special Interest Groups and Collaborations

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Collaborations brings together a wide variety SIGs and connects VdGM with external organizations and networks. Through its liaisons VdGM keeps up to date on developments in other organizations, networks and regions allowing for better collaboration and sharing of useful information.

We aim to provide support to our members as they participate in activities that interest them as well as allowing them to take advantage of international opportunities that arise.   



Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Equally Different - led by Sara Rigon and Yusi Mariani

Family Violence - led by Nina Monteiro

Mental Health (WWPMH) - led by Ana Luisa Cabrita

Research - led by Vanja Lazić

Emergency medicine - led by Elena Klusova 

International Health, Travel Medicine and Migrant Care - led by Cristiano Figueiredo



WONCA Networks' Liaisons

EFPC - Tuğba Çalışkan

 EGPRN - Vanja Lazić

 EQuiP -  Felicity Knights

 EURIPA -  Berit Hansen

 EUROPREV - Emmily Schaubroeck

 ASPIRE - Maria João Nobre

EURACT - Chloe Delacour



Global Collaborations


#SoMeAmbassadors Network

ASPIRE Global Leaders Program

YDM Rural (WWPRP) / Rural Family Medicine Café