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VdGM Fund Bursaries

There are significant inequities in our region, as demonstrated by the list of countries with lower than average gross domestic product per capita.



Such inequities also afflict our discipline and prevent many trainees and junior General Practitioners/Family Physicians (GPs/FPs) from joining the annual VdGM Preconference/WONCA Europe Conference and the annual VdGM Forum. The Vasco da Gama Movement (VdGM) would like to aid them actively with the introduction of the VdGM Fund.


Launched in 2012 at the initiative of the VdGM Past President Sven Streit, the Fund has already helped many junior GPs/FDs to attend the VdGM/WONCA meetings in Prague (2013), Lisbon (2014), Istanbul (2015), Copenhagen (2016), Strasbourg (2017), Prague (2017) and Porto (2018). 

The Vasco da Gama Movement Fund and Host Organizing Committee Bursaries for the WONCA Europe Conference Krakow 2018 offer 12 bursaries to help trainees and junior doctors from Europe to attend the WONCA Europe Conference in Krakow. 

These bursaries include two VdGM Fund Bursaries and ten HOC Bursaries:

- The VdGM Fund bursaries refund each candidate 750 euros (no reduced fee offer).

- The HOC bursaries refund each candidate 500 euros and also offer a reduced fee of 100 euros for WONCA Europe Conference.

- The application process is the same for both bursaries and the selection of the two VdGM Fund Bursaries will be made the jury.

We encourage young GP (family medicine trainee or 5 years post training ) to apply. If you are from a low-income country or if this will be your first time attending a VdGM event, please do apply! We are looking for young and active GP's whiling to meet new people and get involved with the VdGM family!

Get inspired and check the reports from previous winners of the 5th VdGM Forum in Porto! 

Applications for the 2018 edition of the VdGM Fund and Krakow HOC Bursaries are now open. Apply for the Pre-Conference in Krakow! Please follow the link to download the application form with terms and conditions.


Past Winners

The map below illustrates the number of Winners of Fund bursaries, per contry, from its establishment until the present date.

The VdGM winners for Porto were:

Monika Kalesinksaite (Lithuania)
Ikbal Akyildiz (Turkey)

In 2017, 9 applicants from 3 countries applied for VdGM Fund bursaries. Besides the usual bursaries for the VdGM Preconference/WONCA Europe Conference, for the first time bursaries were also given for attending a VdGM Forum.

The winners of the bursaries for the WONCA Europe Conference in Prague were:

Elena Klusova (Spain)
Codruţa Constantinescu (Romania)

The winners of the bursaries for the 4th VdGM Forum in Strasbourg were:


Candan Kendir (Turkey)

Kelly Baldeón (Spain)


In 2016, 19 applicants from 9 countries applied for VdGM Fund bursaries. The winners of the bursaries for the WONCA Europe Conference in Copenhagen were:

Cristiana Avramescu (Romania)
Jakab Engya Aniko (Romania)

In 2015, 13 applicants from 7 countries applied for VdGM Fund bursaries. The winners of the bursaries for the WONCA Europe Conference in Istanbul were: Yelena Khegay (Kazakhstan) and Vera Cristina de Jesus Pires da Salva (Portugal).

In 2014, 29 applicants from 11 countries applied for VdGM Fund bursaries. 6 winners were awarded bursaries to participate to the WONCA Europe Conference in Lisbon: Jacek Bujko (Poland), Seda Coskun (Turkey), Lisa Gambhir (Luxembourg), Ana Costa (Portugal), Joana Neto (Portugal), Belisa Tarazona Chocano (Spain).

In 2013, 22 applicants were considered for a VdGM Fund bursary to attend the WONCA World Conference in Prague. Bursaries totaling 3159 Euros were awarded to 6 winners: Cristina Sicorschi (Spain), Grabiella Iski (Hungary), Maija Kozlovska (Latvia), Sergey Surkov (Spain), Luís Pinho Costa (Portugal), Kristina Horova (Czech Republic).


Since 2012, 12600 Euros were awarded by the Fund! Thanks to all of our donors for their generous support! 


How to Support the Fund?

The Vasco da Gama Movement would like to invite National Colleges, Scientific Associations and Junior GP/FM Associations to donate even small amounts of money to the The Vasco da Gama Movement Fund. If you wish to make a donation, please consult the policies document and contact us at info@vdgm.eu. We will be more than happy to guide you and provide any information! 


Who has supported the Fund?

Junge Hausärztinnen und -ärzte Schweiz
Swiss Society of General Internal Medicine
voor artsen in opleiding

Support has also been shown by countless individual GPs/FPs through donations and the purchase of the "I Support the VdGM Fund" badge.