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2017 VdGM|APMGF Conference Exchange in Vila Real (Portugal)

30th May 2017

Ready for the next adventure in a country well-known for being home to one of the most welcoming and warm people in the world?


Find the details in the attached invitation!


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EURIPA's Chronic Care Model survey

22nd May 2017

The European Rural and Isolated Practitioners Association (EURIPA) is inviting Vasco da Gamians to take part in a survey aimed at exploring the possibility of EURIPA undertaking an European project on a Chronic Care Model with a focus on the needs of stakeholders in rural areas (patients, caregivers, PC professionals). To participate please click on this link.


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2017 VdGM|JADE|DEGAM Conference Exchange in Düsseldorf

18th May 2017



Dear Vasco da Gamians,


We are very happy to announce the 2nd German Preconference Exchange from September 18th to 23th 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany. We offer 7 placements.


The Preconference exchange includes:

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VdGM track at WONCA Europe 2017

13th May 2017

The Vasco da Gama Movement is using this form to collect information from New&Future Family Doctors about the abstracts they have submitted and been accepted for presentation at the WONCA Europe 2017 Conference (June 28 - July 1). Once the form is submitted a new event will be created on the calendar below (please refresh the webpage to update); if you need to update the data for an event, you can do it by making a new submission (it will replace the older one).

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A reflection on the 4th VdGM Forum

4th May 2017

Candan Kendir, winner of the VdGM Fund, reflects on the 4th VdGM Forum in WONCA News.



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Relive the 4th VdGM Forum on YouTube

25th April 2017

The live streams for the 4th VdGM Forum are now available on-demand on YouTube. Relive all the exciting Plenary Sessions, Opening and Closing ceremonies, and more on the VdGM Youtube channel.



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WWPWFM recruiting female family doctors

17th March 2017

WONCA Working Party on Women and Family Medicine (WWPWFM) is recruiting female family doctors at the early stage of their careers for participation in a research project entitled "What do female family doctors around the world believe influences their professional resilience during transitional life events".


They are planning to select a range of participants to interview via Skype over next 2 months.  


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