Scientific program


The 4th VdGM Forum Host Organising Committee is now ready to welcome you for an amazing, interactive and scientific Forum! 


This year, the Forum main theme is « No borders, no limits! Let’s push the GP world forward! »


We are thinking outside the box of a typical day in the life of a Family Doctor. We challenge you to get outside the box with us by learning through theatre, by teaming up with sport coaches to improve patients’ health, and much, much more!
We would also like to invite you to join us in fighting inequity and finding solutions for the current and foreseen challenges: from globalisation to refugees’ crisis and ethical dilemmas. 
Last but not least, there will be plenty room for sessions on clinical updates and for you to share your expertise. Just send us your proposal! 


The main Forum offers three types of scientific activities:
    •    Workshops
    •    Oral presentations of original research/projects/case reports/etc.  
    •    Posters (lively guided through an interactive poster walk)

Keynote speakers and an interactive panel will be woven into our program.

Cherry on top, we aim it to be a patient inclusive Forum! This means patients will be full participants and experts on their own right. By sharing their experiences and points of view, patients and doctors, together, will build a better, stronger healthcare system. This is the reason why we worked to get accredited and become a “Patients Included” event.


Please check the program for more information.

For those craving for more, the Forum main program can be extended to include two pre-Forum workshops and a pre-Forum exchange program.

In the pre-forum workshops participants will have the chance to improve their scientific and educational skills, by learning how to make a scientifically-relevant poster. Another workshop will deal with improving your leadership and mastering the oral art of communication, led by Dr Claire Marie Thomas (UK). With the 3rd workshop you will live the “VITABOUCLE” experience with patients, a community health activity in Strasbourg consisting in walking/running in the city. 
Places are limited and will be assigned on a first come, first served basis - so act fast and register to participate in the pre-Forum workshops. Registration is possible only through the registration form.

As for the exchange program, participants will be offered the chance to experience the French Primary Care system. Please note there are limited places which are awarded competitively at the discretion of the organising committee. Click here to find out more and how to apply.

For any other questions on the scientific program please contact the scientific committee at