The online registration is now open. Click here to register! 


There you'll find everything you need to register to the 4th VdGM Forum in Strasbourg.


For maximum convenience, the registration process encompasses everything you might want to join:

  • Forum
  • Pre-Forum workshops
  • Social events
  • Accommodation in CIARUS hotel - the place to stay during the Forum. (There are several other options, some quite near the venue; however,  those you'll have to book by yourself)


Forum Registration Fee, including breakfast and lunch (2017/04/21-22) - Regular Fee (GP resident or Young GP)

Forum Registration Fee, including breakfast and lunch (2017/04/21-22) - Reduced Fee (Medical Student Or Patient) 50€

EuropaPark day (2017/04/20)


Boat tour and visit to the Parliament (2017/04/20)


Pre-Forum Workshops (2017/04/21)


Kamerzell Restaurant (2017/04/21 evening)


Saturday night Party (2017/04/22 evening)


Ciarus Hotel (2017/04/20-21-22)



On the registration form you'll also be offered the chance to make an additional contribution/donation in order to support economically​ ​disadvantaged VdGM colleagues. Visit the Social responsibility webpage to get to know how you can help others attend VdGM meetings!  

Please note that the application for the pre-Forum exchange program follows a separate procedure through your National Exchange Coordinator.

Cancellation policy

If you need to cancel your registration, you first need to write to

Cancellations received in writing by March 5th 2017, will be totally refunded, less a credit card cancellation fee of approximately 3.5%.

Cancellations of Conference registration received in writing between March 5th 2017 and March 22nd 2017, will be refunded 50% of the registration fee.

For cancellations after March 23rd 2017, in general it will not be possible to provide any refund. However, it is acknowledged that there may be individual circumstances of such a nature in which a refund may be appropriate. Requests for refunds in such circumstances should be made in writing to the organising committee ( and will be given to consideration on a case by case basis. If circumstances are deemed appropriate, a refund will only be made if the Forum budget allows for it; this might also result in a partial refund.
For any other questions on the registration process please contact Juliette Vandendriessche: