Social responsibility


VdGM has long recognised that not all new and future family doctors​ ​have the same economic means. GPs and GP trainees in some parts of​ ​Europe face significant economic challenges including being able to find​ ​funds to attend VdGM events.


From previous experience, we also know that at every VdGM meeting​ ​there are individuals who want to be able to make a contribution in order​ ​to assist less well off colleagues to be able to attend the​ ​meeting.


Therefore, in Strasbourg, we have provided two ways for​ ​colleagues to make an additional contribution to support their colleagues.


Paying for a ​Named Delegate

For anyone who wishes to pay the registration fee for a named​ ​individual, this is possible during the registration process.

Recognition​ ​will be given in the form of a certificate of thanks for supporting​ ​colleagues in VdGM.


Donation to the VdGM Fund

The VdGM Fund​, established in 2012, is a ring fenced monetary Fund​ ​which is used specifically for the purpose of supporting economically​ ​disadvantaged VdGM colleagues (new GPs within 5 years of​ ​specialisation or GP trainees). 

Donations (of any amount) can be made to the VdGM Fund with any​ ​monies donated to the Fund being directly and entirely used to support​ ​VdGM colleagues to attend future Pre-conferences. This may be expanded in the future to also support colleagues to attend a VdGM Forum​.

Recognition for donors will be given in the form of a certificate​ ​of thanks for supporting colleagues in VdGM as well as​ ​acknowledgement for making a donation to the fund in the Forum booklet​ ​and on the VdGM website.

In the event that a donation is made too late​ ​for the donor to be acknowledged in the Forum booklet, they will still be​ ​acknowledged on the VdGM website.