Social responsibility

   The Vasco da Gama Movement acknowledges that not all new and future Family doctors have the same economic background. Family doctors and Family Medicine trainees in some parts of Europe face significant financial challenges that may limit their participation in activities and events promoted by the Vasco da Gama Movement. We are very grateful to have people who wish to change this reality, by making a financial contribution.
   At the 5th Vasco da Gama Movement Forum there are two contribution modalities; recognition for supporting colleagues will be given on the Vasco da Gama Movement website after the event.
   Option 1 - Donation to the Vasco da Gama Movement Fund
   The Vasco da Gama Movement Fund​, established in 2012, is a ring fenced monetary fund used specifically for supporting economically​ ​disadvantaged colleagues (new Family doctors within 5 years of​ ​specialisation and Family Medicine trainees). Registered participants may donate to the Vasco da Gama Movement Fund by accessing their personal profile in the registration platform and/or engaging in the lottery that will take place during the Forum. Stay tuned!
   Option 2 - Paying for a ​named delegate [this option is no longer available]
   If you wish so, you may cover the registration fee of a named individual. For this purpose, please access the official registration platform, available from the Registration section of this website, and select “Named Delegate” under "Category".
   If you have clothes you do not need anymore (but are still in suitable condition), you may donate them during the Forum, by putting them in the containers by the check-in desk.
   Thank you!