Contacts of Leads of Special Interest Groups, Liaisons and Collaborators


Liaison to European Academy of Teachers in General Practice/Family Medicine (EURACT)

Liaison Person: Sophie Sun (France).

She loves foreign languages, research and teaching, and is convinced that general practice is the keystone for better healthcare for all.

Liaison to European Forum for Primary Care (EFPC)

Liaison Person: Tuğba Çalışkan (Turkey).

Liaison to European General Practice Research Network (EGPRN)

Liaison Person: Vanja Lazić (Croatia)

Trainee, PhD and masters student, spends all money on travelling with Fran Luka the two-year-old, wife Nika and miniature schnauzers Nox and Lun.

Liaison to European Network for Prevention and Health Promotion in Family Medicine and General Practice (EUROPREV)

Liaison Person: Emmily Schaubroeck (Germany).

Passionate about 'Equity in Health' through a 'Think global, act local’ strategy, Emily also likes to get to know the world by hiking, carrying all what she actually needs on her back.

Liaison to The European Rural and Isolated Practitioners Association (EURIPA)

Liaison Person: Berit Hansen (Denmark).

Liaison to European Society for Quality and Safety in Family Practice (EQuiP)

Liaison Person: Felicity Knights (UK).

Married to Dan, passionate about improving the work around her and improving health equity.

Liaison to Family Medicine 360º (FM360) Global Exchange Program

Liaison Person: Rianne van Vliet (The Netherlands).

Lives in the Hague and loves to sing in choirs and is passionate about connecting people together and help them learn from each other.

Liaison to Primary Care Diabetes Europe (PCDE)

Liaison Person: Jose Castellanos (Spain)

Curious about life in different places and contexts, he enjoys learning an trying new things.

Liaison to WONCA YDM ASPIRE Global Leaders Program

Liaison Person: Maria João Nobre (Portugal).

She grew up by the sea, loves to travel and is an enthusiast about teaching, a free thinker who is looking for new ways to be motivated about her career.



Special Interest Group on Emergency Medicine

Lead: Elena Klusova (Spain).

Adrenaline addict in love with the world of emergencies and a special passion for the humanity of family medicine; an inexhaustible defender of absolute justice and honesty.

Special Interest Group on Family Violence

Lead: Nina Monteiro (Portugal).

Feminist, travel addict, amateur photographer, cat lover.

Special Interest Group on Health Inequities: Equally Different

Lead: Yusi Mariani & Sara Rigon

Yusi mixes an european mind with a very latin soul, enjoys photography and travelling and is deeply in love with her daughters; she is passionate about Family Planning and Women Health.

Sara is a proud Family Doctor Without Borders, a passionate women and human rights activist who cherishes time spent with family and friends and loves going to the movies and any form of storytelling.

Special Interest Group on Mental Health

Lead: Özden Gökdemir (Turkey).

Passionate about HealthForAll and Health Education Plans, she works in Izmir with precious Faculty of Medicine students.

Special Interest Group on Migrant Care, International Health and Travel Medicine

Lead: Cristiano Figueiredo (Portugal)

Loves to cycle, travel and go on exchanges; he is a health innovator having started projects like Walk with a Doc Lisboa, Lisbon Social Prescribing Project and Bengalisboa Community Health Project.

Special Interest Group on Research

Lead: Vanja Lazić (Croatia)

Trainee, PhD and masters student, spends all money on travelling with Fran Luka the two-year-old, wife Nika and miniature schnauzers Nox and Lun.

Special Interest Group on Wellbeing

Lead: Siamak Zahmat (The Netherlands).

Special Interest Group on Workforce Migration: Family doctors on the move

Lead: Alessio Platania (Italy) & Sonia Tsukagoshi (UK).

Alessio loves outdoors and exploring new places; he is an endlessly curious and always down to try something new. 

Sonia is a London GP, lecturer and researcher in Japan who plans entire day around her meals and loves to cook, eat and take photos.


YDM Collaborations

YDM Collaboration #FMChangemakers

Contact Person: Christopher Patrick Reichel (Austria) & Hassna Erami (France).

YDM Collaboration Rural Seeds

Contact Person: Veronika Rasic (Croatia).

YDM Collaboration #SoMeAmbassadors Network

Contact Person: Luís Pinho Costa (Portugal)

A digital health enthusiast who is passionate about finding innovative and cutting-edge solutions, yet sustainably and evidence-based, to improve people's health and to address the current challenges of health systems and organizations.