1st VdGM Forum | Poster Session Overview

Here's a glimpse at the great Poster Session that we are preparing (in the attached file you will find the overview of the session). On Saturday 8th February at 14:30, the posters will be presented and discussed in a dedicated session. In the 60-minute session we will be divided in 6 smaller groups (each one will have 5 posters).
The posters will be discussed individually one at a time following the EGPRN model. This means that they won't be presented by the authors, but by a third person not related to the team that prepared the poster. After each presentation, there will be enough time for the author to react and the audience to ask questions. We've chosen this process of presentation because we believe it will increase the interaction and will help value the work of the authors.
Thanks to Tobias Freund, Persijn Honkoop, Zuzana Vaněčková Švadlenková and Raluca Zoitanu for working hard on this!
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