1st #VdGMForum | Barcelona, 7-8 February 2014



The Vasco da Gama Movement whishes to thank all participants, speakers and supporters of the first PanEuropean meeting for Trainees and Junior Family Doctors, the #VdGMForum !



Download the 2014 #VdGMForum programme and abstract booklet by clicking here (PDF, 5MB)


Welcome message

The Vasco da Gama Movement invites you to be part of the first PanEuropean meeting for Trainees and Junior Family Doctors !

We are delighted to welcome you to the first Pan European meeting for trainees and junior Family Doctors, the Vasco da Gama Movement Forum, which will be held in the city of Barcelona on 7th-8th February 2014. After organising 8 succesful European PreConferences and co-organising 2 fantastic World PreConferences ahead of the Wonca Conferences between 2005-2013, and alongside preparations for the 2014 VdGM PreConference in Lisbon in July, the Vasco da Gama Movement is ready to take the next step ! 
We are organizing the VdGM Forum, a scientific conference rich in contents, under the title “One Strong Voice for the Family Doctors of the 21st Century”. The programme will be focused on the topics of the Future of Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Out-of-Hours Services, Career Development, Research Skills and Emerging Technologies.
Prior to the VdGM Forum, a vocational exchange will be organized for selected participants, who will have the opportunity to observe GP/FM practices (offices) in Barcelona and learn more about the national organisation of primary care.
We strongly believe that the progress of our movement depends on our colleagues, on whether they share our cause, and on the continuity of our platform; a platform in which members meet regularly and they have the chance to establish and develop good professional relationships, which are essential for launching exciting and aspirational new projects. Alongside trainees and newly qualified (5 years) General Practitioners / Family Doctors, we also welcome senior GP/FD, other specialities but also patients and undergraduate medical students.
For this very reason we are working with great enthusiasm so that you can enjoy a unique scientific and cultural programme.
We warmly invite you all to join us for an amazing conference; we are looking forward to meeting you in Barcelona!
The Host Organising Committee of the First VdGM Forum


Confirmed speakers to the VdGM Forum


Enric Aragonès  (Spain) 

Enric Aragonès, MD, PhD,is a family physician and general practitioner at Constantí Primary Care Centre (Catalan Heath Institute). He is working in research projects in mental health in the primary care area (mainly in clinical and healthcare topics of depression) and is the manager of the Research Group in Mental Health and Primary Care in Tarragona (Primary Care Research Institute IDIAP Jordi Gol). He is member of the Working Group in Mental Health of the CAMFiC (Catalan Society of Family Medicine) and coordinator of the semFYC Working Group in Mental Health (Spanish Society of Family Medicine).


Manuel Campíñez Navarro


Manuel Campiñez Navarro. Family physician in EBA Vallcarca, Barcelona. Master in Primary Health Care, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). Associate Clinical Professor in the Medicine Department, UAB. Directive Member of the Communication and Health Group in the Spanish Family Physicians Association (SEMFYC). PhD Student in UAB.

Magdalena Canals


Magdalena  Canals Aracil is a family and community doctor. She works in a Health Center in the south of Madrid. She’s member of  the Emergencyand ContinuingCare group of semFYC  and is Family Medicine resident´s tutor in Madrid and Associate Professor of practice in the Complutense University. She has a lot of experience learning basic/advanced live support, she makes with her ESVAP program group (Enseñanza de Soporte Vital en Atención Primaria) many courses all over Spain. She is coordinator of ESVAP program in Madrid.

Sonia Cibrián


Family physician un EBA VAllcarca, Barcelona. Member of the Communication and Health Group in the Spanish Family Physicians Association (semFYC). PhD Student in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).

Lorraine Cleaver


Lorraine Cleaver is a Scottish wife and mother who has petitioned the Scottish Parliament for improved Thyroid diagnosis and treatment. The petition has benefited from the involvement of the Minister for Public Health and is progressing well. After her thyroid was removed in 2006 for Graves disease, Lorraine's health declined by an alarming degree, despite being under the care of an Endocrinologist. Her GP was desperate to help but the system of deferring to the consultant and guidelines made this almost impossible. She recovered her health by working alongside her GP but outwith the established Endocrinology model. Gathering evidence for the petition reinforced that the treatment model for chronic diseases is failing many thousands of patients who go on to develop worsening health and a reliance on polypharmacy. She is optimistic that putting patients at the center of their treatment will help to change this, improving patient's health and enabling GP's to have more autonomy in the patient's care.

Xavier Cos

Mercedes Fernández


Mercedes Pérez Fernández. GP, specialist in Internal Medicine, Equipo CESCA, Madrid (Spain). President of the Ethical Committee of the Spanish Network of Primary Care, and NoGracias.

Odile Fernández


Odile Fernández. GP. Postgradute in preventive medicine and public health. Author of the book: "Mis Recetas Anticáncer: alimentación y vida anticáncer" ( My recipes anticancer: food and life anticancer). Survivor of stage IV ovarian cancer. She is working in the promotion of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of cancer. 

Aurora Rovira Fontanals


Aurora Rovira Fontanals (Barcelona, 1961). MD (UAB, 1985). Family physician since 1989, working in CAP La Pau (Barcelona) since 1992. Tutor of GP trainees since 1995. Member of Gender Violence network and Primary Care of CAMFiC. Member of Red-CAPS (female healthcare professional’s network).

Berta Garcia Arbol


Medical student at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Currently studying at the University of Alcalá in a national exchange program. Member of Farmacriticxs, a national project of International Federation of Medical Students Associations of Spain (IFMSA-Spain). Member of the organization committee of the second Farmacriticxs- NoGracias conference “Salut amb Seny” at Barcelona, 2011. One month clinical clerkship at Teresina, Brazil through an International Clinical Exchange Program of IFMSA. Member of Red-CAPS, a female healthcare professional’s network.

Juan Gervas


Juan GERVAS. GP, PhD. Equipo CESCA, Madrid (Spain). Honorary professor, public health, Autonomous University, Madrid. Visiting professor, international health, National School of Public Health, Madrid.

Raquel Gomez-Bravo
Dr Raquel Gómez Bravo is a Spanish young family doctor from Alhaurín el Grande Málaga, where she was graduated in 2004 (UAM). She made her Specialization in Family and Community Medicine in Madrid 2005-2009, being very in the Spanish Scientific Society of Family and Community Medicine SemFYC. Chief of Residents of Universitary of Hospital La Paz 2009-2010. Emergency Department of the University Hospital La Paz (Madrid, Spain) (June, 2009 to August 2012). Mentor of trainees: June 2010-August 2012. Teacher at Autonomous University of Madrid: “TAD de Medicina y Cirugía de Urgencias” during 3 years (Academic years 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012), specialize in communication skills and new technologies. Expert in Mental Health in Primary Care (University of Alcalá) 2009. European Expert in Quality Management in Health Care (AENOR) 2011. Nowadays she is the Spanish Representative Member in VdGM Europe Council. Coordinator of Beyond Europe Group in VdGM. VdGM Executive. Liaison with EURIPA and member of EURIPA Executive. Liaison with WWPWFM. Member of Family Violence Special Interest Group and actually working in her PhD about Gender Violence. 

Ángel González


Advertising practitioner with 30 years of experience, half of them in the Healthcare sector. He has been co-President of Publicis Healthcare Spain, heading the Madrid office by managing its change and bringing innovation to lead it to being “the reference of the market on a global scale”. Afterwards, he joined the Madrid office of Global Healthcare as partner and managing director with the responsibility of re-launching it onto the Spanish market. In January 2009, Angel set up Ideagoras, the first fully independent Social Media in Healthcare company established in Spain. He was the founder of #hcsmeuES, leading the tweet-chats during its first year.

Angelina González Viana


Registered Nurse at Barcelona University (1996) worked at cardiac units both in Catalan and English hospitals and for Doctors without Borders in Sierra Leone and Uganda in 2003-2004. MPH in 2005 at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona. Since 2007 I work at Catalan Public Health Agency. Involved on health promotion programs that connect primary health and municipalities into making easy the healthy options at local level as well as involved in impulsing community health projects in vulnerable areas of Catalonia.

Prof Amanda Howe


Prof Amanda Howe was elected as WONCA President-Elect in Prague in June 2013. She will become the first woman to be WONCA President in 2016. She was elected RCGP Honorary Secretary in 2009. Prof Howe practices at the Bowthorpe Medical Centre in Norwich, England and has been Professor of Primary Care at the University of East Anglia since 2001. She has been deeply involved with WONCA since 2000, when she facilitated a workshop for their Working Party on Women and Family Medicine. She is on their Executive, chaired the group from 2007-2009, and hosted an international meeting at UEA in 2009. Prof Howe now serves on the newly created Equity Committee, is a member of WONCA Europe’s Bylaws Committee, and (also as part of her role as RCGP Honorary Secretary), often attends WONCA conferences in Europe and around the world to contribute relevant papers and promote the development of family medicine.

Sebastian Huter


Sebastian Huter is a medical student from Austria. He is writing his diploma thesis on "the role of the GPs as point of first contact in the Austrian health care system". As a member of the Austrian Medical Students' Association and the Austrian VdGM-membership organisation "JAMÖ" he participated in and coordinated various projects to advocate for better training in general practice, both during and after medical school.

Per Kallestrup


See more in this link.

Laminu Kaumi


Laminu Kaumi M.D, ETM, MPH, is a final year Resident Doctor in Family and community medicine at Unidad docente Este Madrid, Spain. Graduated at the Latin American school of medicine, Havana with Honours Title (Gold Title, Titulo de Oro) and 7 Academic Awards. Working experience in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa related to global health, tropical medicine and volunteer activities. Presently undergoing a Masters programme in tropical medicine and international health at Universidad autonoma de Madrid. Active Member of the Cuban and Nigerian Medical association.

Oleg Kravtchenko


Born in 1963 to the family of Russian army officer. Graduated Moscow Medical Academy in 1986. Specialized in ENT-surgery at Central Postgraduate University, Moscow, and Eppendorf University, Hamburg. Practiced at the Central Clinical Hospital in Moscow until 1998 when moved to Norway. Studied at Oslo University and then practiced at the Nordland Central Hospital, ENT-dept. and later Ob.-Gyn. dept. Specialized as GP in 2002 and worked in rural practice in Meloey community, Nordland, until summer 2012 when became co-owner at the Fredensborgklinikken, Nordland. Works as a fulltime GP and is an Overseas Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, London, and Vice-President of EURIPA, WONCA. 

Joanne Lane


Joanna Lane BA Hons (Oxon).Joanna’s son Chris committed suicide in 2008 at the age of 31. Since then she has been trying her best to raise awareness of neuroendocrine problems after brain injury, with such diverse consequences as getting the issue raised in an Early Day Motion in Parliament, and incorporated into the plot line of a Holby City episode.  She is very willing to speak on post-traumatic hypopituitarism (PTHP) to any audience, and welcomes emails from anyone who believes they may be affected by this condition. Her website is www.headinjuryhypo.org.uk. Before retirement she taught English as a Second Language. She is married with two surviving daughters and two small granddaughters, and lives in Surrey.

Frederic Llordachs i Marques

Frederic Llordachs


MD with MBA, specialiced in Healthcare Management and Marketing. Direct experience with healthcare insurance, and heathcare management, and interested in medical tourism, innovation in medical devices and new ICT-based healthcare services. Involved in start-ups, like Doctoralia (http://www.doctoralia.com), the global platform for healthcare search and accessibility, and other early stage projects

Francisco Lupiáñez-Villanueva


Associate Professor at School of Information and Communication Science Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and researcher at Internet Interdisciplinary Institute. His research field is focused on Innovative Technologies and eHealth, among others.
He was a scientific Officer at Information Society Unit - European Commission to work on economic evaluation and modelling of Personal Health Systems.

Helena Legido-Quigley


Helena Legido-Quigley, is a Lectuer in Global Health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. She has conducted research on European health policy, quality of health care, health systems, chronic conditions, and migrant populations. Her latest research focuses on the impact of the financial crisis and austerity measures on health. Her work has been published in peer reviewed journals such as the Lancet, British Medical Journal and PLOS Medicine. It has also been widely covered in International media including the Economist, the Financial Times and Huffington Post.

Juan A Lopez-Rodriguez


Juan A Lopez-Rodriguez, MD, was born in Frigiliana (Malaga-SPAIN) and graduated from Malaga's University in 2009. He is currently a Primary Care Resident at the Madrid Center Multiprofesional Primary Care Teaching Unit and a member of the Working Group in Mental Health at the semFyC (main National Primary Care Society). He worked as an attending Physician in a Substance Misuse clinic and he owns a Master Degree in Psychopharmacology and Drug Abuse by the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. He is currently also a PhD fellow developing his thesis in the field of Addiction treatment tools for Primary Care with the use of social media and computer assisted programs treatments (conducted by Prof. Gabriel Rubio)

Job Metsemakers


Prof Job Metsemakers became in 2002 professor and chair of the Department of Family Medicine, at Maastricht University. At the international level, he has been active as consultant in health care reform in Eastern European countries, and in development of family medicine in Indonesia. He has been on the executive board of The European Academy of Teachers in General Practice and Family Medicine (EURACT), and currently is on the Advisory Board of the European General Practice Research Network (EGPRN). For the last six years (until June 2013) he was the Honorary Secretary of WONCA Europe. From 2010-2013 he served on the WONCA membership committee. He succeeded Tony Mathie (UK), in June 2013, to become President of WONCA Europe 2013-2016.
Frederick Miller (Spain) 

Frederick (Rick) Miller is a physician of Family and Community Medicine trained in the United States. He has spent the last 12 years working in both the US and Spain in medicine and community health. He is a founding member of the network AUPA, which comprises over 75 health centres in Catalunya that are doing community health projects, and was the Scientific Secretary for PACAP (Program for Community Health in Primary Care), of the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine. Currently, he works in Barcelona for Advance Medical, a company that provides expert medical opinions to patients in remote areas of the world, and at Codman Square, a community health center in Boston, as a family physician.

Sergio Minue


Sergio Minué is a specialist in Family and Community Medicine and professor of Health Policy and Ethics Department in the Andalusian School of Public Health. At this moment he is Director of Innovation and Research in this institution. He is leading some research project related to clinical decision making in primary care, about diagnostic error, and he is working in some international projects about the impact of the economic crisis in health systems. Sergio carries out functions as semFYC representative in WONCA/CIMF. Member of the semFYC group in patient safety, he publishes two blogs ( “El gerente de Mediado” and "La cara Ve”).
 Ernesto Mola (Italy)

Ernesto Mola is a family doctor in Lecce (South of Italy), representative of ASSIMEFAC and President Elect of the network of Italian Associations members of WONCA. He is involved in research and in the vocational training for family doctors as coordinator. He collaborated for the Leonardo Project, designed to involve patients in the management of their chronic conditions.

Agostinho Moreira de Sousa


Agostinho Sousa is a sixth year medical student at the Abel Salazar Biomedical Sciences Institute (ICBAS) of the University of Porto, Portugal. He is now in his second term as Liaison Officer for Medical Education issues. He also serves as the student representative in the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) and in the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE). His main responsibility is to work with all the external partners that are related to Medical Education.

Marco Noventa


Marco Noventa got his education at University of Padova where in 2002 he got graduated in Science and Agrarian Technologies and attended PhD courses in Michigan State University “management and improvement of animal genetic resources”.  He is responsible beef cattle nutritionist for one of the biggest Italian farmers association (AZOVE)  with more than 50000 heads. He follows all the phases of meat chain production, from selection and purchasing of animals, nutrition, formulation and production of feedstuffs and supplements, premixes and control of meat quality at slaughter houses.


Marie Ennis O'Connor


Nikos Papachristou


Tanja Pekez-Pavlisko


Luisa Pettigrew


Dr Luisa Pettigrew is a young family doctor in London. Whilst in VdGM (2008-2011) she coordinated the ‘Hippokrates’ international exchange programme, helping secure its first European Union funding grant. In parallel in the UK she helped establish the Royal College of General Practitioners' Junior International Committee to enable the future generation of family doctors in the UK to also further in international activities. In 2013 she was elected as a member at large to WONCA's executive board. Luisa has undertaken a Diploma in International Health (2003) and Master in Health Policy (2011). When possible Luisa has taken time to undertake voluntary work for various NGOs and health organisations in Argentina, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico and Mozambique. In addition she has undertaken work for the World Health Organization and Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. 

Alba Riesgo


Alba Riesgo, MD, PhD, is a family physician who works in the emergency department of the University Hospital in Oviedo, a medium city in the North of Spain. She is working in research projects in emergency medicine, specially in cardiac acute care and acute stroke. She has participated in different multicentric studies about cardiac acute care in Spain and she has also published several papers about this topic in Spanish medical journals. She also has a lot of experience learning basic/advanced live support, she makes with her ESVAP program group (Enseñanza de Soporte Vital en Atención Primaria) many courses all over Spain. She is coordinator of the semFYC Working Group in emergency medicine (Spanish Society of Family Medicine).

Marta Sastre


Marta Sastre Paz is a young family and community doctor. She was traineed in Vallecas, a district in the south of Madrid. For the last two years, she’s been working in a Health Promotion Centre in Villaverde, also in the south of Madrid; nowadays, her work is more community work than individual consultations, working in Health Promotion Centre, CMS Villaverde - Madrid Salud - Ayuntamiento de Madrid. She’s member of PACAP (Community Activities in Primary Care Programm of semFYC) since 2008. “I believe in the need of engaging with the community, and try to be part of it, to promote health and reduce health inequalities.”

Martin Sattler


Martin Sattler is a family physician working since 2010 in Luxemburg. He completed the GP training in Luxemburg and started the national VdGM group in Luxemburg in 2009. The medical studies he completed in various european countries as Germany, France, Sweden and Italy where her get in contact with the different health care systems and where started his special interest for primary care in europe and worldwide. Personal interests are beside promotion of primary care, alternative medicine and health politics, travelling, languages, sports, music and nature.

Martin Seifert

(Czech Repubblic)

Martin Seifert is a young GP in training from the Czech Republic, currently working in two general practices in Prague. He studied medicine in Prague and gathered his medical experience and skills mainly in the University Hospital in Prague, in Granada (Spain), Ufa (Russia), Jeruzalem (Israel), and Regensburg (Germany), where he worked more than two years in neurological rehabilitation. He has finished a 3-year course of study of traditional Chinese medicine and shiatsu, which he practices and continues to study. Dr. Seifert has additionally been studying and practicing therapeutic yoga in the Czech Republic, Spain, and Nepal for the last 12 years. He practices manual medicine of the famous „Prague school“ and he is in psychotherapeutic training focused on psychosomatics. He has volunteered in many foreign countries, such as Ghana, giving lessons about teenage pregnancy. He teaches as an external assistant at the Department of Family Medicine of Charles University in Prague.

Jordi Serrano Pons


Jordi is a General Practitioner and the founder of the UniversalDoctor Project, the main objective of which is to improve multilingual communication between health professionals and patients.
He is co-founder of Zero Mothers Die, a Global partnership Project using mobile health to improve maternal health.
He recently started working as a consultant to the WHO and TicSalut Foundation and collaborates very frequently with the Geneva Health Forum as advisor on Innovation and Health cited Forum (Forum of Global Health).



Preconference: #DesignThinking for Primary Care Workshop

Design Thinking is about believing we can make a difference, and having an intentional process in order to get to new, relevant solutions that create positive impact.
  • It’s human-centred: it begins from deep empathy and understanding of needs and motivations of people
  • It’s collaborative: several great minds are always stronger when solving a challenge than just one.
  • It’s optimistic: Design Thinking is the fundamental belief that we all can create change.
  • It’s experimental: it gives you permission to fail and to learn from your mistakes, because you come up with new ideas, get feedback on them, then iterate.
It has five phases that help navigate the development from identifying a design challenge to finding and building a solution.
The Five Phases of the Design Thinking Process
The Vasco da Gama Movement is developing a fantastic workshop that will enable you to learn firsthand how Design Thinking can be used to innovate in health and healthcare. During this workshop, teams will work together to explore and create solutions to real healthcare challenges.
Design Thinking #1
The participants will work on problems identified and will use the Design Thinking methods to gain a deep understanding of the problem and develop innovative ‘human-centred’ solutions (ie. solutions that truly meet the needs of users). Methods will include user-interviews, observation, brainstorming and rapid prototyping, with the aim of creating solutions that combine human desirability and usability with business viability and technological feasibility.
The workshop will take place in Barcelona just before the 1st #VdGMForum, on 7th February from 9am to 2.30pm. There is only a limited number of places for this workshop. The participation in the workshop will be free of charge. Medical students, other healthcare professionals, people from other professional background and patients are welcome to apply for a place.
The deadline for applications is Tuesday 7th January.
Design Thinking #2

Preconference: Satellite Meetup with the Health 2.0 Barcelona

Are you a technology enthusiast? Do you believe in the potential of technology that will lead to the Creative Destruction of Medicine? We are delighted to invite you to the Preconference Satellite Meetup with the Health 2.0 Barcelona!

Health2.0Bcn is an interdisciplinary group where professionals of the health sector join technology lovers with the aim to improve healthcare through the use of new technologies. Health2.0 wants to encourage projects related to health, developed by startups or individuals, offering them visibility, while inspiring others

This Preconference Satellite Meetup will be held on Thursday 6th February 2014 at 7pm, just a day before the #VdGMForum. A map to the location is available here. The participation is completely free, but we kindly ask you to register here in order to manage the resources that we need for this meetup.


The Programme includes:


  1. Presentation of the VdGM
  2. Introduction and overview of the latest trends in health2.0 by health2.0Bcn team
  3. Round table of local GPs who will tell us about the use of 2.0 technologies in their day to day, what's available out there and what's missing. 
Primary care represents a big market segment with special needs, that are not necessarily covered yet by the new technologies. Let's try to fill that gap. 
The confirmed family doctor panelists are:
  • Dra Mireia Sans 
  • Dra Dolors Ruiz  
  • Dra Adriana Bataller 
  • Dr Miguel Angel Mayer 
  • Dr Monica Moro 
  • Dr Jordi Serrano
We hope that this session will be a good occasion for startups to size the opportunities and needs of the primary care, and for primary care doctors to share their experience and best practices in order to spread the benefits of those technologies amongst their GP colleagues.


We would like to thank the organizers Aline Noizet, Frederic Llordachs, Jordi Serrano Pons and Sophie Park for their enthusiastic support and for making this meeting happen.



Exchange Programme

It is our pleasure to offer to all European GP trainees/junior GP visitors the opportunity to discover how GPs in and around Barcelona practice medicine, in the Conference Exchange in Barcelona, just before the first Pan European meeting for trainees and junior Family Doctors, the Vasco da Gama Movement Forum! Between 5-6th February, during the Conference Exchange, we will try to show you our art and science to be a doctor. Therefore, we offer 30 places for European visitors in primary health care urban or rural centres.
You will enjoy 2 days of rotation before the Vasco da Gama Movement Forum begins, which will be held in the city of Barcelona on 7th-8th February 2014. You can join us and be part of the social program we have prepared just to show the skills, knowledge, technology, art, languages, and awesome Barcelona which is always waiting for you. 
We have limited places (12) for those who want to stay in the home of one of our tutors/GP trainers colaborators. Some of them live in rural areas within 2 hours of Barcelona, others in the city of Barcelona.
Also, if you want to stay by your own in the city, we can help you to find cheap accomodation in a nice hostel with good transport communication and location.
We are working with great enthusiasm so that you can enjoy an unforgettable experience that will not disappoint you ! Please take a look also at the detailed schedule of the Exchange, by clicking here.
If you wish to participate in the exchange, please contact your VdGM National Representative.
The selection has finished ! Thank you to everyone who applied !

You can download the final social programme for the exchange by clicking here.


Place and Time

The Forum venue is the Collegi Oficial de Metges de Barcelona (www.comb.cat). Here is the venue on Google Maps: Map
The Forum will take place on 7th and 8th February 2014.



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You can download the Forum Newsletter here: Announcement Issue



Scientific Committee


Harris Lygidakis


Raquel Gomez-Bravo


Tobias Freund


Per Kallestrup
Luisa Pettigrew
Persijn Honkoop  
Zuzana Vaneckova
Sara Rigon 
Catarina Matias
Virginia Hernandez Santiago


Host Organising Committee


Raquel Gómez Bravo


Mónica Terán Díez
Sonia Cibrián
Sara Belinchón Moyano
 Martin Sattler
Raluca Zoitanu
Nuria Ros Domingo
Verónica Parent
Enrique Álvarez Porta
Javier Castro Martínez
 Anna María de Pedro Pijoan
Pedro Azevedo
Juan María Rodríguez Martínez
 Belisa Tarazona Chocano
Jordi Mestres Lucero
Vanessa Garcia-Ciudad Young
Sandra Serrão

International Advisory Board

Robin Ramsay   
João Carlos
Bohumil Seifert 
 Job Metsemakers 
 Janko Kersnik 
  Roar Maagaard  
 Carl Steylaerts   
 Andree Rochfort
Anna Stavdal 
 Mehmet Ungan
Michael Kidd
Amanda Howe
Alexandre Gouveia
John Wynn-Jones
 Domingo Orozco
José Miguel Bueno
Athanasios Symeonidis 
Erik Teunissen 
Jelle Stoffers 
Jordi Serrano Pons




Social Events

After each full day of science and medicine, we have prepared two special Social Events for the participants to the 1st #VdGMForum !
On Friday, February 7th, everyone is invited to La Fira, a unique club with a circus museum theme, decorated with giant mirrors, carousel seats, statues and carnaval posters ! Free entry ! Forum participants will benefit from a special discounted price for drinks - ask at Registration for your free ticket to get the special price.

On Saturday, February 8th, finish the Forum in style at the spectacular Atlantic Barcelona, where you will enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the city from the restaurant's terrace. Later in the night, join the party in the club of Atlantic, to catch the sunrise in the early hours of the morning ! Forum participants can enjoy this event from 21h by purchasing a ticket for a fee of 38 euros which includes:

- special dinner (menu),

- drinks during the dinner,

- transportation by bus to and from Atlantic Barcelona (map)

- the party in Atlantic Club 


Tickets will be available on Friday and Saturday at the Registration desk.

Please note that access to the party is free after 23h for all Forum participants. Transportation is included only for those with a ticket.


La Fira, Friday, February 7th


Atlantic Barcelona, Saturday, February 8th


Sponsorship Opportunities

As the need for more Family Doctors is projected to increase in the next decade, we are presented with the opportunity to invest in the new generation and provide the means to support a better career development. Junior Family Doctorsand trainees from all over Europe will get together under the umbrella of our Forum in order to broaden their horizons, receive tailored training and participate in activities of high educational and scientific value.
We are seeking partners that will support the Forum and cover:
  1. Organisational costs (including online registration, rent of facilities, IT material)
  2. Human resources for the organisation of the event
  3. Promotional needs (including printing of scientific programme)
  4. The travelling expenses of our speakers

The dissemination opportunities for sponsors include:

  • Your logo on the website and in our program
  • Promotion via our Social Media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Slideshare and Flickr
  • Distributing material into the VdGM Forum bags of delegates
  • Advertisements in the program of theVdGM Forum
  • Sponsoring an award or bursaries

If you are interested, let's explore together this opportunity! Please contact us here: info@vdgm.eu

The sponsorship must comply to the Wonca Europe Guidelines on External Sponsorship.