2015 Edition Winners of the VdGM Fund


There are significant inequities in the European context, which also afflict our discipline and prevent many trainees and junior General Practitioners / Family Physicians (GPs/FPs) from joining the annual Preconference and the WONCA Europe Conference. The Vasco da Gama Movement (VdGM) would like to aid them actively with the introduction of the VdGM Fund.


Launched in 2012 at the initiative of the VdGM Past President Sven Streit, the Fund has already helped 14 junior GPs/FDs to attend the WONCA Conferences in Prague and Lisbon through bursaries totaling 7200 Euros over the years.


In 2015, 13 applicants from 7 countries applied for VdGM Fund bursaries. Sadly only 2 winners were awarded bursaries due to no donations towards the Fund in 2015.


The winners of 2015 are: “Yelena Khegay” from Kazakhstan and “Vera Cristina de Jesus Pires da Salva” from Portugal.




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