2016 VdGM Fund winners

The winners of the 2016 VdGM Fund are Cristiana Avramescu (on the left) and Jakab Engya Aniko (on the right), both from Romania.




We look forward to meeting Cristiana and Jakab in Copenhagen next June 2016 for the VdGM Pre-conference and WONCA Europe Conference. Their reports on the experience shall be published soon after.


The Vasco da Gama Movement would like to thank the jury for the challenging task of selecting the two winners among 19 applicants from seven countries.


The members of the jury were:

Job Metsemakers, WONCA Europe President;

Harris Lygidakis, WONCA Europe Honorary Secretary and VdGM Past President;

Sven Streit, VdGM Past President and Founder of the VdGM Fund;

Peter Sloane, VdGM President;

Ivana Babic, VdGM Education&Training Liaison.


Last but not least, we express our sincere thanks to all the applicants, who are living proof of the significance of the VdGM Fund, and to everyone who has donated to the VdGM Fund! 

Launched in 2012, the Fund has already helped 16 junior GPs/FDs to attend the WONCA Conferences in Prague, Lisbon, Istanbul - and now Copenhagen! Click on the image below to find more about the Fund and how you can donate to fight economical inequities in Europe and support other new and future family physicians to attend the upcoming Pre/Conferences.


See you in Copenhagen!


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