Application for the WONCA Europe task group on sponsorships

Dear Colleagues,


WONCA Europe has developed guidelines that determine the terms under which external sponsorships can be accepted for events, projects and other initiatives.

However, such guidelines were last revised during the Council meeting in the 2007 Conference in Paris.

Further work is needed to update it and make it more relevant reflecting the increasing representation and influence of WONCA Europe.


Please see the attached document for more information.


The WONCA Europe Executive Board seeks two colleagues to establish a task group that will be able to revise the guidelines accordingly. An additional third member will join the group from the WONCA Europe Executive Board.


Applicants are invited to submit their candidacy, including a short CV and a supporting letter from a WONCA Europe Member Organisation, to the WONCA Europe Secretariat by Tuesday, 15th November (extended deadline)
For equity and diversity reasons, we encourage colleagues coming from different countries, networks and special interest groups to apply for the position.


The final decision will be made by the WONCA Europe Executive Board.


On behalf of the WONCA Europe Executive Board,

Barbara Toplek
WONCA Europe/EURACT Secretariat



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