Being Young, Staying Young Award

What does it mean to be young? For the Vasco da Gama Movement youth is not about age, it's about attitude. Youth is about the passion with which you approach your work and the spirit that you imbue to those around you.


With this in mind in 2015 VdGM launched the Being Young Staying Young (BYSY) Award, a prestigious award, granted every 2 years, that recognised an individual of significance and substance within the VdGM sphere; an individual who over a prolonged period of time had made a valuable and key contribution to VdGM. Laureates represent an individual who has not only contributed to and influenced the development of VdGM, but also epitomizes, espouses and evokes in others the youthful mindset which characterises and underpins the heart, soul and ethos of VdGM.


Please visit the Wall of Fame to get to know the past Laureates.


How to nominate individuals for the BYSY Award?

Nominations open once every two years. Upon call, VdGM will welcome nominations of senior colleagues who have made significant contributions to our network over many years and continue to inspire and support us. Please follow the instructions provided alongside the biennial call for the BYSY Award. The right to nominate is open to every New or Future Family Doctor, provided that both the nominator and the nominated meet the terms and conditions specified in the call/guidelines for nominations and that the nomination form is filled in and submitted within the established deadline.

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