Conference Exchange - RCGP Exchange, 28 September - 3 October, Glasgow, UK


The Junior International Committee of the RCGP invites Vasco da Gamians to a new Conference Exchange!


We have 14 places for Vasco da Gama delegates to take part in a conference exchange.
- 28th to 29th September: two days shadowing a GP in Glasgow or West of Scotland
- 30th September: preconference aimed at GP trainees and GPs within their first 5 years of training. There is an exciting global health theme this year
- 1st-3rd October - the main RCGP conference:

We have funding to pay for the preconference and main conference tickets! Delegate would need to self fund flight and accommodation. 

We are also organising a fun social programme.

Please send your CV and a cover note to your national exchange coordinator:

Deadline: 6th August 2015



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