Converging Technology and #PrimaryCare: The Future, Now

Join the workshop at WONCA Europe 2014, on Friday 4th July at 9am.




There has been considerable technological progress in the past few years that has provided healthcare professionals with tools that allow a more personalized approach to medicine. This technology has improved communication between doctors and patients, as well as increased cost-effectiveness in care and may even constitute an option for treatment. Progress goes from robots and powerful digital learning platforms (that place immense information at a doctor's fingertips) to harnessing innovation from other industries.


Learning Goals:

The aim of this session is to present the panorama of cutting-edge and cost-effective technology solutions in primary healthcare, enable the participants to feel at ease with them, and explore ways to incorporate them into practice.



At the beginning, presenters will collect and assess participants’ views on technology and its impact on health. Participants will get acquainted with current and future technology in primary healthcare. A series of small presentations will focus on different applications of technology including wearables, semantics, robotics, mobile Health and learning platforms. Afterwards, participants will be organized into small working groups and discuss the impact of these technologies in their practice and their patients’ lives, the possible ethical questions that are associated with them and other relevant issues and concerns.


Expected Impact on the Participants:

Awareness will be raised of the wide range of new technologies that are already available and in current development that facilitate and improve personalized, long-term, cost-effective care provision, improve doctor-patient communication, help to monitor the patient continuously and thus help to pin-point and provide for each patient’s unique needs. At the end of this session participants are expected to reflect on the impact and consequences of these new technologies and how they may pose a considerable trigger for change in their own and their patients daily lives. Participants will also have the opportunity to appreciate the importance of harnessing innovation from other industries and collaborating on multidisciplinary teams to improve healthcare.

Target audience: 
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