Covid-19 Project

We would like to present the new VdGM project that aims to ignite international cooperation amongst young GPs. The project's main objective is to collect work strategies that were implemented or used in the GP practices and have improved the working conditions of family doctors during the pandemic.

Some solutions require first and foremost top-down changes that cannot be adapted by individuals without the systemic help of the government, but many others may be effectively transferable into daily practice. That is why first-hand personal advice from European and Asian colleagues could be of benefit to the community of the Vasco da Gama Movement.

Let us list here the most important information about the project. For more, please read the attached PDF.

  • 1. The project aims to encourage young GPs to share their testimonies and describe enhancements that have proved to be useful in a GP practice in the wake of the pandemic.

  • 2. The work improvements can relate to desired areas of GP's work.

  • 3. The medical learning platform Medmastery supported this project by donating 20 one-year pro-membership accesses to their web service.

  • 4. We wish to create a collective paper with the selected applications that will be published on the VdGM website and may be a source of inspiration for others.

  • 5. Two authors will be invited to present their testimony during the Research Workshop at WONCA Amsterdam.

In the attachment you can find a detailed description of the project, a flyer, a poster and an application form.

We're happy to receive your application in our Awards Box.

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