EQuiP Summer Schools ! France & Denmark in 2014

Quality and Safety in health care are key factors of all the European Health Systems. At the moment these dimensions have been addressed mostly in hospitals. Their development in primary care raises many issues for professionals as well as researchers.
The Summer Schools aim to enable health professionals to initiate or improve a QI project of there own.
It is a 4 days residential training course, taking place in a friendly venue. The program alternates lectures and workshops. High-level European experts in Quality, the diversity of experiences and perspectives contribute to rich and effective exchange of knowledge.
See the video from the EQuiP Summer School in Berlin in 2013 on the EQuiP website: http://equip.ch/flx/summer_schools/
The Summer Schools has been run by EQuiP since 2008. EQuiP is a WONCA Europe network, dedicated to improving Quality and Safety in Primary care.
EQUIP is recognized for its methodological expertise. The Summer Schools allow professionals to share their experience with European experts and colleagues.
The first French-speaking EQuiP Summer School took place in 2013.
This year it will take place just outside Paris from August 27-30.
There are 3 partners leading the French Summer School:
 EQuiP (European Association for Quality and Safety in GP)
 SFTG (The Society for Therapeutic education of General Practitioners)
 FFMPS (The French Federation of Health Houses & Centers)
This year the VdGM and EQuiP are collaborating on establishing a Nordic Summer School as well.
The first Nordic Summer School will be held in Denmark and will take place from July 31 to August 3. As in France, there are 3 partners.
 DSAM (The danish association of GPs)
 The Quality and educational network of GPs in the Region Seeland
 The Quality and educational network of GPs in the Region South Denmark
Together they finance the Danish summer school, which means it will be free, including accommodation, tuition and fee.
To attend the French Summer School you would need at least some basics in French.
In both schools you are a health professional (doctor, nurse, pharmacist etc.) or a health researcher.
You have either an idea or a more or less advanced research project or action, in the field of Quality or patient Safety in Primary Care.
You will be able to present your project or idea and work on it in a context that will help you move forward towards a successful action.
Date: Wednesday, August 27, 14:00 to Saturday, August 30, 13:00.
Venue: Centre Port Royal, Saint-Lambert des Bois (78470), 15 km from Paris www.centre-port royal.com
Participation fees, including tuition, meals and accommodation: special price for VdGM members € 500, others € 700
To register: ecole-d-ete@sftg.fr
Date: Thursday, July 31, 14:00 to Sunday, August 03, 13:00.
Venue: Brogaarden, Abelonelundvej 40, Middelfart, free bus from Copenhagen
Participation fees, including tuition, meals and accommodation: FREE
To apply: Write briefly about your motivation to: svanholm@dadlnet.dk
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