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The group collaborates with EURIPA (European Rural and Isolated Practitioners Association). EURIPA has included a VdGM member to their executive meetings since 2010. The aim of the collaboration between EURIPA and VdGM is to strengthen the voice of junior rural and isolated practitioners in Europe and positively contribute to improving working conditions and patient care.



To participate in EURIPA's initiatives and Forum

To promote the rotation in rural settings during the undergraduate education and during the GP training

To help in setting standards for good rural practice, primary/family health and social care throughout Europe

To improve the use of Social Media to reduce the isolation

To set up a mechanism for sharing information, skills and knowledge and encourage multidisciplinary activities and team work

To foster the training of GPs on rural practices throughout Europe

To promote rural exchanges holding by the Hippokrates Programme Exchange and keep the Claudio Carosino Fund for the best rural exchange

To act as a forum to share, encourage and foster rural research

To build links with other non-health rural organisations in the realisation that rural services are an essential part of the rural community framework


During the WONCA World Rural Health conference in Dubrovnik in 2015, during conversations with WWPRP (WONCA's Working Party on Rural Practice), a need for improving junior doctor and student engagement at a global level was expressed.

As a result YDM Rural was established. This group's focus is on topics and issues facing junior doctors in rural practice. The group is present on Facebook and on Twitter.

A monthly Rural Family Medicine Café is held on Google Hangouts, with the possibility of joining in via Twitter (#ruralcafe) and Facebook.  During this cafe experts, junior doctors, students and others discuss topics relevant to rural healthcare. The Cafe hopes to promote rural practice and provide information to interested current and future rural practitioners, as well as building a global network of rural enthusiasts.


Group Lead: Veronika Rasic

Contact: beyondeurope@vdgm.eu

Social Media links: EURIPA on Facebook and Twitter; WWPRP on Facebook and Twitter; YDM Rural on Facebook and on Twitter; Rural Family Medicine Cafe on Facebook and on Twitter



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