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Fons Sips Outstanding Achievement Award

In 2016, the Fons Sips Outstanding Achievement Award was created in honour of  the contributions of one of VdGM’s founding fathers, Alphons Jacobus Ignatius Sips to the establishment of VdGM, the European Young Doctors Movement of WONCA. It was created in order to ensure that the heritage and history of movement was not forgotten and in order to recognise great work and contribution of its members. The celebratory action was tinged with profound sadness as Fons Sips sadly passed away shortly after its creation.  The inaugural award was awarded to Fons Sips in memoriam and we were joined by his family in honouring him at the WONCA Europe Conference in Prague 2017.



Applications for 2019 award nominations are now open, please refer to document below to see the terms and conditions.