Hippokrates Template


Hippokrates Exchange Programme Template (can be dowloaded as .doc or .pdf file)

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives should be guided by the Visitor's own learning needs, their national vocational training curriculum, EURACT's Definition of General Practice, and need to be realistically achievable within the Educational Programme the Host can offer.

The Host is also invited to complete his/her own learning objectives, however is not required to do so.


Educational Programme

Hippokrates exchanges are normally 2 weeks long, and should cover approximately 35 hour per week of exchange related activities.

The Educational Programme should offer:

  • The visitor exposure to all areas of the host practice and vice versa. This can include clinical, administrative and managerial work.
  • A programme which takes into consideration the Host's and the other members of the Hosting practice's learning objectives.
  • An opportunity for the visitor to give a presentation on their own primary care system and training structure.
  • An opportunity for the visitor to meet local trainees and where possible attend local teaching sessions.
  • 1-2 hours per week for a tutorial between the visitor and host.
  • All activity should be observational. For legal reasons under no circumstance should the visitor engage in any clinical or administrative work.

Learning Outcomes & Final Report

These should be completed by the Visitor after the exchange. They should then be reviewed and signed by the Host so that he/she can confirm that the specified Learning Outcomes have been met.

The final completed Hippokrates Exchange Programme Template should then be sent to the Visitor's National Exchange Coordinator for approval no later than 1 week after the exchange.

Learning outcomes should be guided by the Visitor's original learning objectives.

The Host is also invited to complete their own learning outcomes, however is not required to do so.


Final Report

This report should also be submitted to the Host's National Exchange Coordinator and VdGM Exchange Liaison Person (exchange@vdgm.eu), no later than 1 week after the exchange.

Where possible please send in a version of your report in English and include photographs of your experience. This report will be published on the VdGM website. In addition we encourage all participants to strive to present and/or publish their experiences locally, nationally and internationally.

We warmly invite hosts to also write a report of their experiences, although this is not essential to receive a Certificate of Completion.


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