Hippokrates&Carosino Awards: 2014 Edition winners announcement

"Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I'm really pleased to announce the two winners of 2014 Hippokrates & Carosino Awards edition .


Before that, let me spend few words to say that it was a really valuable experience for me to be part of the Committee, together with all the other members.
On the behalf of all of us, I whish to congratulate with all this edition candidates, who, once more, gave us the opportunity to appreciate what urban and rural exchanges mean and their deep impact at both the levels, professional and personal.
This year we received 26 applications, 13 for each of the prizes.
Therefore, It was really challenging for us to pick out only 2 winners among such enthousiastic candidates. 


I also want to personally thank all National Exchange Co-ordinators and Regional Exchange Coordinators, your work is essential to the Hippokrates Programme as well as to the success of this very special event.


A special Thanks to every member of the panel who carefully evaluated all the applications and selected the winners, starting from the founder of the Hippokrates Programme itself, Per Kallestrup, along with President of Wonca Europe, Job Metsemakers, VdGM President Peter Sloane, EURIPA executive member Jaume Banque Vidella.


Getting to the point, It's my pleasure to reveal the 2 winners' names:


BEST Hippokrates Exchange: Hugo Andrè Malheiro Rodrigues 


BEST Carosino-rural exchange: Ana Catarina Henriques de Carvalho 


Vasco da Gama Movement and EURIPA are offering to Hugo and Ana a prize of 700 Euros for the best completed Hippokrates exchange to an urban and  rural practice.
The prizes (700€ x 2) are only redeemable if they are used to attend the WONCA Europe Conference 2015 in Instanbul (http://www.wonca2015.org/).
So, I'm inviting the 2 winners to register to the 20th WONCA Europe Istanbul Conference.

I'm looking forward to meet you all in Istanbul.

Kind Regards,


Dr Rosa Avino
Vasco da Gama Movement Executive Member
Hippokrates Exchange Coordinator

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