Image Group Report (2008)


The main goal of the image group is to promote Vasco da Gama Movement as the WONCA Europe working group of young and future general practitioners.
The target groups are:
European Young and future general practitioners and their local European interest groups.
National colleges and associations.
European teachers of general practice and family medicine.
Working groups of WONCA like EURACT, EQUIP and EGPRN.
Local interest groups of young GP's and GP-trainees
Interest groups outside Europe
Members in the Theme Group:
Chantal Emaus - executive liason - Netherlands
Teun van der Wijst - webmaster - Netherlands
Cristina Zefira Miron - Romania
Andrea Poppelier - France
Carla Pereira - Portugal
Sofia Bauer - Spain
Gkarmiri Vasiliki (Vicky)- Greece
Michael Bagattini - Switzerland
Monika Reber Feissli - Switzerland
Fatma Goksin Cihan - Turkey
Activities 2007:
Our network has been used as the central basis for well-organised and successful conferences and exchanges in Ireland, the Netherlands, Turkey and Poland. The website had more than 2500 page views in the last six months.
Presentations at local universities about the mission and activities of Vasco da Gama Movement.
Supporting help at the foundation of national organizations for young doctors in for example Switzerland, Italy and Austria by organizing meetings and exchange programs.
National articles are published in for example, Greece, France, Austria, Spain Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Turkey. One international article is published in the European Journal of General Practice.
Oral presentations about the activities of VdGM have been given on conferences in Greece, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey and Poland.
A workshop of VdGM has been presented in the Netherlands for an international group of 30 GP-trainees from all over Europe.
The VdGM-yahoo-group currently has 105 members and about 100 messages have been sent to all these members during the last 6 months about the ongoing activities in Europe.
The Image Group has started to set up an archive of all national and international activities on the Internet.
Stand on the WONCA Europe Paris conference
Developing a new poster and a new flyer
Organizing a pre conference meeting and an Europe Council meeting.
3 workshops and 3 keynote lecturers during WONCA Europe Conference 2007
Organizing a party for pre conference members together with host organization.
Symposium for young and future GP's at the WONCA world Conference in Singapore. (July 2007). We were present at the reception of the new elected WONCA World President.
Plans 2008
Improving stand for conference
New website provider with forum
Developing new poster and flyer
Developing and ordering bussinesscards
Keychains for all junior attendants at WONCAconference
Ordering vdgm pins
Updating website including European map with country information
Agenda with ongoing activities in Europe
Lay out for letters an ppt
Oral presentations on WONCA Europe
Newsletter twice a year
Get in touch with GP-trainee organizations outside Europe
Supporting Europe Council member to publish in national journals of GP