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The common language of the Hippokrates Programme is English, however, it is an asset if the visiting doctor is capable of speaking the language of the hosting country. If you are not fluent in the host country's language we strongly recommend going on a language course before the exchange.

You will be expected to hold a telephone or Skype conversation with your visitor/host during the initial stages of organising the exchange BEFORE the exchange is confirmed. You may find that indeed English (or other language) is your common language. This is acceptable as long as your host is happy that he/she will be able to translate where necessary.

If a reasonable level of communication between the visitor and host is not possible we do not recommend the exchange takes place.


Where possible private accommodation is arranged with the help of local hosts. However it is ultimately the responsibility of the Visitor to organise their own accommodation.


In some countries National Exchange Coordinators may request for a small deposit to be made before the exchange is organised. This will be refunded once the exchange has been completed and all documents submitted. This is to ensure commitment on behalf of the participant.

Funding: Leondardo da Vinci EU Funding

The Leonardo da Vinci Programme is part of the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme, which funds many different types of activities of varying scales. Under the 'Leonardo Mobility Programme'. In 2010 it awarded a grant to support a number of UK and Slovenian outgoing Hippokrates exchange participants. These awards have now been allocated to applicants within the UK and Slovenia. In 2011 the Czech Republic and Austria have been awarded Leonardo Funding and are currently selecting applicants to participate. In 2012 Leonardo Funding have been granted to Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland and UK which are now advertising for bursary. If you are interested please contact your National Exchange Coordinator.

If you would like to apply for Leonardo funding on behalf of your country please find more information on the programme here: http://ec.europa.eu/education/lifelong-learning-programme/doc82_en.htm

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