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If tomorrow a tragedy arises and your city suffers a TERRORIST ACT, if a subway train leaves it’s lane while you go to work or study or a bomb explodes at the airport where you and yours are waiting for a plane to go on vacation; if tomorrow the roof of a stadium or shopping center collapses ... and you are inside ... WILL YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO? Do you know that as a family doctor you have a privileged knowledge to survive and help others, more than any other professional medical group? It will be US, GPs and FAMILY DOCTORS, who will be able to save dozens of lives in such a scenario and take care of hundreds of them afterwards. Dear #EM-passionate #familydoctors this call is for you. As promised before, Spanish team (Míriam Rey, Mileydy Paredes, Isabel Jimenez and Ana Peral), we have devised the abstract for the next WONCA Europe Conference in Bratislava. If you are interested in the topic, no matter how much you know about it right now, feel free to contact us for collaboration! Hope to see you soon in Bratislava!


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