WONCA Europe

Objectives of the Hippokrates Exchange Co-ordinator

The objectives of the Hippokrates Exchange Co-ordinator are to:

  • Co-ordinate VdGM Exchange Team activity
  • Co-ordinate an annual VdGM Exchange meeting at WONCA Europe conference
  • Maintain the VdGM Exchange section of the website up to date
  • Liaise with the VdGM Image Liaison Person, regarding webpage developments.
  • Liaise with the VdGM Executive Group & WONCA Europe regarding exchange developments.
  • Work with the Senior Co-ordinator of Hippokrates to develop the Hippokrates programme.
  • Liaise with and address problems faced by National Exchange Co-ordinators.
  • Co-ordinate joint European applications for funding for exchange programmes e.g. LEONARDO
  • Promote VdGM Exchanges in collaboration with National Exchange Co-ordinators and VdGM Council Representatives. e.g. through presentations, workshops, publications at WONCA Europe, WONCA world, international journals etc...
  • Explore ways to develop VdGM Exchange Programmes.
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