Preconference 2013 Prague (World)

Between June 24-25 2013, Prague was the host of the 2nd World Preconference for Trainees and Junior GP / Family Doctors organised by the junior GP/FD networks from different Wonca regions.


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The registration has stopped due to exceeding the capacity. Thank you for the great interest!
We are very happy to welcome you in the World Preconference, which will be carried out in Prague on 24th-25th June 2013, prior to the WONCA World Conference. The event is organized jointly by the Vasco da Gama Movement, the Rajakumar Movement, the Waynakay Movement and the Spice Route, and is open to trainees and junior General Practitioners / Family Physicians (GPs/FPs), up to five years after their qualification.
The following information will help you to get an idea of what the Preconference entails.
What is the aim of the World Preconference?
The Preconference participants have the great opportunity to receive an introduction to the idea of being a GP/FP in a World context and to exchange experiences and visions. Discussions with colleagues from all over the globe will widen your perspectives and horizons and will help you to “think globally and act locally”.
What's the content of the Preconference?
The theme of this year’s preconference is “Care for Generations”.
The Preconference participants will have the opportunity to:
  • meet trainees and juniors GPs/FPs from other WONCA regions;
  • become acquainted with several national profiles and be able to compare different primary care systems at various levels: health systems organization, status of GP/FM and vocational training programs;
  • discuss and elaborate visions for the future of GP/FM, considering:
  1. The improvement of practice, quality, teaching and research of GP/FM in all countries.
  2. The development of GP/FM to meet the needs of patients in the increasingly complex and diverse world, characterized by raising demands and afflicted by inequalities and an ageing population.
  3. The working conditions corresponding to the needs of the upcoming generation of GPs/FPs.
  • understand the importance of international peer networks and be able to define aims for such networks on a national and international level.
The Preconference will conclude with two visionary speeches by Professor Richard Roberts (WONCA President) and Professor Michael Kidd (WONCA President Elect). A plenary session will follow with the presentation of all group works.
When and where Preconference will take place?
The Preconference starts on 24th June 2013 with registration at 9 am and will end on 25th June. The preconference will take a place at "1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Albertov, Prague 2 (the exact place will be specified closer to the date of the Preconference)". After the end participants will be invited to attend a joined speech with the WONCA Working Party on Women and Family Medicine.
The registration fee for the Preconference is $80.
Who are the Preconference participants?
The preconference is open to every trainee or new GP/FP, up to 5 years after his/her qualification, who wishes to participate. However, there are 100 places available and registrations will be carried out in a first-come, first-served basis.
Where can I get further information?
Information is available here online at the official conference website and will be updated regularly. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions by e-mail:
Remember to follow the updates and activities of each network
How can I register for the World Preconference
For the registration and accommodation within the World Preconference event, please go to
Vasco da Gama Movement
The Vasco da Gama Movement (VdGM) is the European organization for future and newly qualified GPs which aims at establishing a forum for collaboration to improve Family Medicine and empowering future generations of Family Physicians to lead the development of primary health care at a community, regional, national and international level.
Since its inception in Lisbon in 2005, links have been established with most FM associations to create a European Council of representatives. The movement has five working theme groups (Education & Training, Exchange, Research, Beyond Europe/Recruitment and Image) that constitute the pillars of its initiatives. These often work in collaboration with their equivalent WONCA Europe special interest working party. Some of the activities of the theme groups include the improvement of the quality of FM training programmes, the establishment of a network for research projects and the promotion of Rural Medicine. Moreover, the Junior Researcher Award has been launched recently following the movement’s continuous effort to promote a new generation of FPs that combine clinical work and research. VdGM also offers the unique opportunity for trainees and juniors to spend two weeks with a FP from another country through the Hippokrates Exchange Programme.
Each year VdGM hosts an international meeting, known as the 'pre-conference', which takes place a day prior to the WONCA Europe conference. This offers an opportunity for the European Council and working groups to develop projects.
If you are interested in joining one of the VdGM activities or theme groups, please do not hesitate to register on our website ( and follow us on the social networks:
First Five Years in Family Practice Canada (ENG version)
Since 2010, the College of Family Physicians of Canada has devoted resources towards addressing the unique needs of family physicians in the early years of practice. Drawing on the experiences of the United Kingdom’s First5 movement, the Canadian group has focused on meeting the practice management, mentorship, and networking needs of members.
With a large online presence through Facebook and the College website, the First Five Years in Family Practice group has initiated a strategy to assist family physicians starting out their careers and setting up a practice in Canada.
Les cinq premières années de pratique de la médecine familiale au Canada (FR version)
Depuis 2010, le Collège des médecins de famille du Canada consacre des ressources aux besoins uniques des médecins de famille qui exercent depuis moins de cinq ans. Inspiré par les expériences du mouvement First5 du Royaume-Uni, le groupe a cherché à satisfaire les besoins de ses membres dans les domaines de la gestion de la pratique, du mentorat et du réseautage.
Cultivant une présence dynamique sur le Web par l’entremise de Facebook et du site du Collège, le groupe des médecins de famille dans les cinq premières années de leur pratique a déployé une stratégie visant à aider les médecins de famille à démarrer leur carrière et à établir une pratique au Canada.
The Rajakumar Movement
The Rajakumar Movement is the Wonca Asia Pacific Working Party for Young and Future Family Doctors which was launched in Hong Kong in 2009.
For further information, visit the movement's website:
Waynakay Movement
Our group was born in May 19th on 2010 at the WONCA World Conference in Cancún, Mexico. Today there are 12 Iberoamerican countries participating: Argentina, Brasil, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, El Salvador, Panamá, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, México, República Dominicana.
The objective is to make Family Medicine stronger in our countries and promote the continuing medical education, exchange, and research between residents and young Family Physicians.
If you want to know more about us go to: 
The SPICE ROUTE Movement
The SPICE ROUTE Movement is the WONCA South Asia Region working group for new and future doctors who have an interest in Family/General Practice. It aims to promote professional development and excellence in this field by creating opportunities for young and future Family/General Practitioners of South Asia.
Its activities include organising seminars and workshops to promote leadership amongst young FP/GP, supporting national and international exchanges in collaboration with the Hippokrates programme, encouraging joint research projects and publications, and engaging with comparative discussions and studies of education and training facilities in the South Asia region.
The SPICE ROUTE Movement was officially inaugurated at the WONCA South Asia/GPAN (General Practitioners Association of Nepal) conference in Kathmandu, Nepal in December 2010. Following this, the SPICE ROUTE Movement held its first pre-conference in Mumbai, India in December 2011 at the occasion of the WONCA South Asia/FFPAI (Federation of Family Physicians’ Associations of India) conference held in collaboration with the AFPI (Academy of Family Physicians of India). There was active participation from approximately 80 new and future Family/General Practitioners from India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The second pre-conference will be held on 21st April 2013 in Delhi, India at the occasion of the first Indian National Conference on Family Medicine and Primary Care (FMPC 2013).
For further information: