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General Practice (GP)/ Family Medicine (FM) is known to be an emerging field for research activities all over the world. Moreover, the characteristics of the discipline, as defined by WONCA Europe, create a demand for multi-methodological research skills.

Thus, Vasco da Gama Movement Research Awards aim at promoting a new generation of GP/FM doctors which sees both research skills and patient care as a life time career.



Hall of Fame

The map below illustrates the number of Finalists per contry, in the past editions of the Research Awards.


In 2017, the three finalists for the Junior Researcher Award were: 

Eugene Tang (United Kingdom) 

- grand winner

Canan Tuz (Turkey)
Mark Murphy (Ireland)


The three finalists for the Promising Research Award, first established in 2017, are shown below. 

Luís Monteiro (Portugal)

- grand winner (tied)

Patrick O'Donnell (Ireland)

- grand winner (tied)

Meryem Baştürk (Turkey)


The three finalists in 2016 are shown below.

Nuno Basílio (Portugal)

- grand winner

Persijn Honkoop (The Netherlands)
Carol Sinnott (Ireland)


In 2015 the winner was Katarzyna Nessler (Poland). Other two finalists were: Patrick Redmond (Ireland) and Jessica Watson (UK).

In 2014 the winner was Daniel Pinto (Portugal). Other two finalists were: Danielle Divilly (Ireland) and Sam Creavin (UK).

In 2013 the winner was Nikki van Dessel (Netherlands). Other two finalists were: João Sarmento (Portugal) and Pavel Vychytil (Czech Republic).

In 2012 the tree finalists were Virginia Hernandez (UK), Mirene Anna Luciani (Italy) and Anne Maren Dahlhaus (Germany). Runner-up was Tiago Luís Veloso (Portugal).

In 2011 the winner was Gretel van Esch (Belgium). Other two finalists were: Florian Stigler (Austria) and (The Netherlands).



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