Special Interest Group on Family Violence

Lead: Nina Monteiro (Portugal) - feminist, travel addict, amateur photographer, cat lover.


Description: Family Violence is a major public health issue globally, having a serious impact on victims health. Despite this, education on this pervasive subject is lacking in GP training across Europe.


In 2013, the VdGM SIG on Family Violence Group was born, aspiring to empower GPs and GP trainees with skills and knowledge to identify and deal with Family Violence and its consequences.


The SIG aims to provide information on how to act on cases of family violence within Primary Care. To achieve this goal the group has been providing training on family violence for GP trainees and young GPs. The group also intends to have a close collaboration with the WONCA Special Interest Group on Family Violence.


Activities (examples):

• Survey on educational programs about Family Violence available in pre and post-graduated training in Europe

• Collaboration with #FMChangeMakers in upcoming Tweetchats Past activities

• 19th WONCA Europe Conference, Lisbon 2-5 July 2014 – Workshop “How to approach Family violence?”

• 20th WONCA Europe Conference, Istanbul 20-25 October 2015 – Workshop “The right to be protected – a practical approach to Family Violence within Primary Care”

• 21st WONCA Europe Conference, Copenhagen 15-18 June 2016 – Workshop “Structural and intimate partner violence: empowering family doctors with identification and management tools”

• 2nd VdGM Forum, Dublin 20-21 February 2015 – Workshop “How should we approach Family Violence in Primary Care?”

• 2nd VdGM Forum, Dublin 20-21 February 2015 – Poster Presentation “Domestic Violence in Primary Care: Do we know what to do?”

• VdGM Pre-Conference, Copenhagen 14-15 June 2016 – Workshop “Family Violence – a collaboration between VdGM FV Group and WONCA SIG-FV”

• 4th Iberoamerican Congress of Family Medicine, Montevideo 16-19 March 2015 – Workshop “Violencia Domestica - Cual es el papel de la Atención Primaria?”