Special Interest Group on Health Inequities: Equally Different

Lead: Yusi Mariani (Portugal) - mixes an european mind with a very latin soul, enjoys photography and travelling and is deeply in love with her daughters; she is a passionate about Family Planning and Women Health - & Sara Rigon (Italy) - a proud Family Doctor Without Borders, a passionate women and human rights activist who cherishes time spent with family and friends and loves going to the movies and any form of storytelling


Description: How do inequality and health relate? Increasing evidence indicates that many health outcomes can be linked to different levels and patterns of inequality within a given population. Despite remarkable progress in health status and life expectancy in OECD countries over the past decades, inequalities persist not only between countries, but also among specific groups population within each country. Such health inequalities are linked to many factors, including differences in exposure to risk factors and access to health care.


The "Equally Different" SIG aims to research and discuss health inequalities and their impacts on patients as well as the role of health professionals on changing such disparities. At the moment the SIG is studying and analyzing structural violence in Primary Care, in particular refugees’ health and the impact of gender on everyday practice.


Activities (examples):

21th Wonca Europe Conference 2016, Copenhagen - Workshop: Health inequalities in primary care: structural violence in everyday practice 

20th WONCA Europe Conference, Istanbul 20-25th October 2015 - Workshop: The Impact of Gender in Primary Care

2nd VdGM Forum, 20-21st February 2015 - Poster presentation: “and they lived happily ever after, didn’t they?”

2nd VdGM Forum, 20-21st February 2015 - Workshop: “the impact of gender on everyday practice” 

4th Iberoamerican Congress of Family Medicine, Montevideo 16-19 March 2015 - Workshop: El doctor y la doctora: encuentra las diferencias