Students and junior doctors wanted for Dubrovnik!

Dear colleagues,


We invite you all to Dubrovnik to the 13th WONCA World Rural Health Conference.


This year the conference will be hosting a student and junior doctor session for the first time.  We hope to encourage you to learn more about rural health and explore the possibilities of working in this exciting field.  


The YDM (VdGM and Polaris) and IFMSA have been collaborating with the organizing committee to find topics of interest for junior doctors and students.  


We are planning workshops which will focus on rural health diversity around the world, the difficulties in recruitment and retention of rural practitioners, the importance of leadership and mentorship, and how we can better involve students in rural practice.  To reach as many people as possible, we will facilitate a Twitter chat for some of the workshops.  There will be an open paper session for students. Please submit your work and share your experiences with us.  


As part of the conference we are also encouraging junior doctors who already work in rural areas to make short video diaries about their experiences.   


These will be posted on the VdGM YouTube channel and used to promote discussion on a wide range of topics.


This conference will offer you a unique opportunity to meet rural practitioners from around the world and learn from rural practice leaders.   We hope you join us in Dubrovnik.  


Veronika Rasic


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