Subsidy Pilot for middle-income countries

One of the core aims of VdGM is to provide equal opportunities for all GPs and GP trainees to meet and learn from each other. The VdGM Forum in Edinburgh is a great opportunity to do so. However, there is a big difference in salaries within Europe, and unfortunately the Forum is not equally accessible to everyone. This is an important issue to VdGM, and we would like to see this changed in the future. Therefore we have decided to start a subsidy pilot in which we will give 25 subsidies: 5 to lower middle income countries and 20 to upper middle income countries. We hope that we can improve the subsidy system in the future. The subsidy money comes from our VdGM Bursary Fund, which is based on donations.
The subsidy will be a discount on the entrance fee and on the social event:
Lower middle income countries:

  • Kyrgyz Republic and Ukraine*
  • 75% discount on Edinburgh Forum entrance fee (£25 instead of £100) plus 75% discount on the social event (£8,75 instead of £35)

Upper middle income countries:


  • Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Armenia, North Macedonia*
  • 50% discount on Edinburgh Forum entrance fee (£50 instead of £100) plus 50% discount on the social event (£17,50 instead of £35)

* source: World Bank Data HOW TO APPLY?Are you currently living and working in one of the above mentioned countries and do you wish to attend the VdGM Forum in Edinburgh? This is what you should do to apply for the subsidy:
Send an email with your full name and country to to inform the treasurer you wish to apply for the subsidy. The treasurer will email you back to let you know if there are still subsidies available. If so, you can register for the VdGM Forum Edinburgh and pay the entrance fee and social event fee (social event optional). Once in Edinburgh you will receive the discount back in cash (British Pounds) during your registration. You will receive an official receipt for your administration. Unfortunately at the moment it is not yet possible to receive the discount by bank-transfer.
Note: if you have already registered before the announcement of this pilot, you can still apply for a subsidy. Just email to make sure to apply for a subsidy.
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