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Terms & Conditions

The Hippokrates Exchange Programme is facilitated through the Vasco da Gama Movement website. The purpose of hosting the project on the VdGM website is to provide a platform for the smooth operation of the programme and certify the educational value of exchanges.

VdGM.eu will function as follows

  1. Provide a listing service for Host Practices.
  2. Provide a browsing function for prospective Visitors to the Host Practices.
  3. Provide a notification system for the Host Practices of expressions of interest by the Visitor (including profile and contact details).
  4. Once a Host Practice is happy to explore the prospect of a Visit they will initiate contact with the Visitor through the personal details supplied.
  5. At this juncture the responsibility for the organisation of the Visit will depend on the Host Practice and the Visitor.
  6. The Vasco da Gama Movement will not accept any responsibility for any disputes or adverse outcomes of any description arising from this process.
  7. The Vasco da Gama Movement will not intervene in any disputes regarding the completion or otherwise of the Educational Programme.
  8. The VdGM will endeavour to recruit Hosts that have an educational ethos.
  9. The Hippokrates programme can ONLY be accessed by registered members of VdGM.
  10. This is an observational programme only. Visitors are not sanctioned under any circumstance to engage in any clinical care or management of patients.
  11. While it would be desirable for the Host Practice to either provide or recommend accommodation for the Visitor, it is not obligatory and remains the ultimate responsibility of the Visitor. Similarly, all travel arrangemets remain the responsibility of the Visitor.
  12. The VdGM will provide a Certificate of Completion provided;
  • The learning objectives & educational programme agreed by the Host & Visitor have been approved by the visitor's National Exchange Coordinator 12 weeks before the exchange.
  • Based on the original learning objectives, the visitor's learning outcomes are approved by the Host and the Visitor's National Exchange Coordinator no more than 1 week after the exchange.
  • Hosts and visitors complete the required feedback form, no later than 1 week after the exchange.
  • Visitors submit the required (min.) 500 word report, no later than 2 weeks after the exchange.
  • No adverse events have taken place.
  • Hosts have the option to submit their learning outcomes and a written report, however this is not obligatory.
  • The Confirmation of Exchange can be used as evidence that you plan to participate on an Exchange.

The Certificate of Completion can be use as evidence of participation on the programme.

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