WONCA Europe

Terms Used


The responsible doctor for hosting the visiting doctor in their practice.

Visitor / Outgoing / Incoming Doctor

The doctor visiting from another country to observe general practice in the host practice.

National Exchange Co-ordinator

Co-ordinates exchange activities in their country. He/she is appointed by the VdGM Council Representative or is the same person as the VdGM Council Representative of that country.

VdGM Council Representative

Is appointed by the national college of that country and recognised by the VdGM Council:

VdGM Hippokrates Exchange Co-ordinator

Co-ordinates VdGM exchange activities by liaising with the VdGM Council Representatives and National Exchange Co-ordinators:

VdGM Exchange Team

Consists of the team of all National Exchange Co-ordinators, VdGM Exchange Liaison Person and Senior Hippokrates Co-ordinator.

National Exchange Team

A team appointed nationally to support the National Exchange Co-ordinator to work across the country supporting exchanges at local level. It is made up of Regional Exchange Co-ordinators.

Regional Exchange Co-ordinator /Lead

Work at local level to co-ordinate VdGM exchanges. They form part of the National Exchange Team, which is led by the National Exchange Co-ordinator of the country.

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