Thank you from behind the scenes of #5VdGMf

Dear Colleagues,


One week has passed since the 5th Vasco da Gama Movement Forum.
The Host Organizing Committee would like to thank you all for contributing to a very productive and enriching Forum.

We had over 300 participants (the Forum sold out!), 3 keynotes, 20 workshops, 7 special sessions, 9 ignite presentations, 24 oral presentations, and 33 poster presentations! 

A special mention to the awarded authors, who won a free registration to the 6th Vasco da Gama Movement Forum, to be held in Torino, Italy, in September 2019 (thank you dear Torino HOC!): 

* A bomb exploded. Are you ready to help?, by Miriam Rey Seoane, Rabee Kazan, and Anna Fernandez Ortiz

* Two cases of "not so innocent" back pain, by Eduarda Cerdeira, Joana Queiroz-Machado, and Abílio Malheiro

* Hypertension in 34 years old male, by Alba Gomez Zahino, Matteo Mannucci, Sara Guerrero Bernat, Laura Crespo Leza, Jordi Martínez Gisbert, and Maria Dolores Acerete Hueso.

Congratulations to Salomé Apitz for winning the poster trivia contest. 

A special thank you for those who donated clothes and those who contributed to the Vasco da Gama Movement Fund. 
Congratulations to the Vasco da Gama Movement Fund and lottery winners! 

We will soon share with you more photos of the event. Meanwhile, feel free to tag all the photos already published.



Next stop: Krakow, already in May!

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