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We have lots of vacancies coming up which present many opportunities to get involved in EYFDM! Read below to find out more, and also please see our EYDFM Guide as a reminder of how all the networks and SIG leads work with us.

1. FM360 Regional Coordinator
2. WONCA Working Party Young Doctors Liaisons
3. EYFDM SIG Leads
4. Network Liaisons


The Family Medicine 360° (FM360º) program is the global exchange program in Primary Care for those in Family Medicine/General Practice training and in the first five years of family medicine practice.

It works thanks to the collaboration of seven WONCA Young Doctors' Movements (YDM), each with its own FM360° Regional Coordinator:

  • AfriWon Renaissance - Africa region
  • Al Razi Movement - East Mediterranean region
  • Polaris Movement - North America region
  • Rajakumar Movement - Asia-Pacific region
  • Spice Route Movement - South Asian region
  • European Young Family Doctors' Movement - European region
  • Waynakay Movement - Iberoamericana - CIMF region

As Rianne van Vliet will step down, and both the network and the requests for VdGM-involved exchanges are growing, EYFDM is looking for a new FM360° Regional coordinator!

The FM360° Regional Coordinator is expected to comply with the following tasks:

  • To supervise and to coordinate exchanges coming and going
  • To develop and preserve the network of collaborators within their region (election of National Exchange Coordinators - people who are responsible for exchanges to/from a country)
  • To bring the program to a higher standard (building on the platform, social media, surveys, database)

For this, it is expected that the FM360° Regional Coordinator is to collaborate with Rabee Kazan, FM360° Regional Coordinator, Rocio García-Gutiérrez Gómez, VdGM exchange officer, FM360° Regional Coordinators of the other regions and the FM360° Global Coordinator (Viviane Sachs).

Person Specification:

  • Enthusiastic about organizing and promoting international exchanges
  • Well-structured and likes to work actively in a motivated team
  • Able to work on regular basis (weekly)
  • Well spoken and written communication skills in English
  • Committed to be actively involved in VdGM and WONCA Young Doctor Movements
  • Enthusiastic about the VdGM Network

The minimum effective time devoted to the post as a FM360° Regional Coordinator is of 1 year and the maximum of 3 years.

If you have any questions about the FM360° Regional Coordinator Post, please feel free to ask at

Applications can be sent to Deadline 31st August 2022.


The following WONCA Working Parties/ Special Interest Groups are currently seeking young doctor liaisons from from the Young Doctors' Movements. Please read the descriptions below, and if you are interested in applying, send a brief CV highlighting your eligibility with a motivational statement (maximum one side of A4) on or before 14th of August 2022 to

The WPs recruiting are:



The following EYFDM Special Interest Groups are currently looking to appoint new leads. The role of each SIG Lead is to coordinate the group, supporting the members in creating together. There are with no minimum expectations except to report to the executive on an annual basis (through annual report form). Please read the descriptions below, and if you are interested in applying send a motivational letter focusing on your interest in the area and involvement in related activity) and a brief CV to by 31st August 2022.

Migrant Care SIG
Welcome to the meeting point of enthusiastic Young and Future Family Doctors who share a special interest on Migrant Care, International Health and Travel Medicine. This is the right SIG to share the challenges you face and the solutions you found when working in an increasingly multicultural and interconnected world. Be part of the positive change.
The SIG held its debut workshop "Improving Migrant Care in Europe - learning from each other now and in the future" at Wonca Europe Preconference 2018.
Do you have any idea on the theme of migrant care, international health and travel medicine? Contact the SIG and the group will try to guide you and support you in organizing the activity (workshop, oral presentation, poster, research, etc). The SIG can always help you to find work partners among its members.

Migrant Workforce SIG
Did you migrate to work in a country different to where you originally trained? Maybe, you didn't but you are interested in the topic. This SIG is for you all!

  • This SIG's mission is to analyze and define the needs of migrant family doctors in Europe/World, and share these with colleagues from national and international organizations to develop successful strategies for universal solutions.
  • This SIG's vision is to bring migrant family doctors in Europe/World together, reflect on barriers, stressors and their root causes. The group wants to create resources that characterise these issues and offer solutions. The group wants to defend migrant family doctors nationally and internationally, and train all family doctors to support and advocate for them.
  • This SIG was created for family doctors by family doctors who have experienced emigrating from one country and immigrated to another.
  • It was created in January 2019 and in six months the group had grown to 120 members suggesting that there is a need for support amongst this demographic. The group hopes to do this through research (publications and conference workshops), through providing informative materials and through creating a community to share challenges and joys.
  • The SIG believes that those who will migrate will migrate anyway. The SIG is not promoting active recruitment from overseas but, for those who have made the decision already, the group is there to understand the motivations of migration and support each other to make this transition smooth.


  • Activities (examples): The SIG has successfully concluded a collaborative research group on barriers to reasearch in early career GPs and the development of a white paper on collaboration with EGPRN.
  • Plans: work on early career GP researcher enablers; tangible outcomes of doing research; creating research ecosystems; creating mentorship opportunities and research training; using new technology to approach and network with early career GP researchers.
  • The research SIG lead may be by extension and after confirmation by the EYFDM board, the liaison officer between EYFDM and the EGPRN network.

Equally Different
How do inequality and health relate? Increasing evidence indicates that many health outcomes can be linked to different levels and patterns of inequality within a given population. Despite remarkable progress in health status and life expectancy in OECD countries over the past decades, inequalities persist not only between countries, but also among specific groups population within each country. Such health inequalities are linked to many factors, including differences in exposure to risk factors and access to health care.
The "Equally Different" SIG aims to research and discuss health inequalities and their impacts on patients as well as the role of health professionals on changing such disparities. At the moment the SIG is studying and analyzing structural violence in Primary Care, in particular refugees’ health and the impact of gender on everyday practice.


We have upcoming vacancies for liaisons to the networks listed below. The term is for 3 years. Please read the role descriptions below, and if you are interested in applying send a motivational letter focusing on your interest in the area and involvement in related activity),a brief CV, proof of young doctor status and two referees to by 31st August 2022.

All role descriptions, person specifications and funding opportunities can be found here. You can follow the links below to find out about each of the Networks in more detail.

Please share this with your colleagues who may be interested, and don't forget they too can sign up to our mailing list here!

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