VdGM ASPIRE Group Meeting

The ASPIRE VdGM Co-liaisons, Candan Kendir Copurlar and Claire Marie Thomas, wish to invite you for a side-meeting during the 2016 VdGM Pre-conference in Copenhagen.


The topic is the ASPIRE Global Leadership Program. 


The ASPIRE program has been developed to augment medical student, resident, and junior GP/FP physicians all-around skills while simultaneously increasing their involvement within their national organisations and WONCA.

The program is structured around 6 core areas of professional leadership and international engagement: Academics, Students, Pre-conferences, International Collaboration, Research & Exchanges 

ASPIRE is a tiered program, with levels 1-3 as well as an Instructor level available to any participant meeting the proposed criteria. This step-wise progression serves to guide participants through achievement of desired goals of the program, the creation of a more enriched experience, and the potential to progress to the next tier.


You can find more information about ASPIRE on the following link.


For information on the Group Meeting to be held at the side of the 2016 VdGM Pre-conference, please scan or click on the QR code below.




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