VdGM Bridge Project - apply

We are proud to launch the NEW VdGM Bridge Project. This is a team program of the VdGM Aspire and VdGM Exchange group.

Our goal is to connect young doctors. It is a program with a duration of 6 months. Project coordinators match young doctors in groups of approximately 4 persons to talk about a self-chosen topic they are interested in. Learning objectives are discussed and at the end there will be a self-created product (presentation, video, workshop or what else the group wants) in order to present their achievements. Application can be done with the google form, presented in the flyer.
Feel free to join us! And spread the word. Thank you.

Lets Build this Bridge!
Questions?--> bridgeprojectvdgm@gmail.com

Kind Regards
Rianne van Vliet

Also thanks from:
Maria João Nobre, Aspire Liaison VdGM Nick Mamo, President VdGM Rabee Kazan, FM360 VdGM REC Rocio García-Gutiérrez Gómez, Exchange officer VdGM

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