VdGM Fund: Acknowledgement of Donors and VdGM Lottery winners

During WONCA Europe Conference 2017, around 200 individuals donated a grand total of 1565€ towards the VdGM Fund, making it the biggest fundraiser in VdGM history.


Thanks to the generous people listed in the attached document, VdGM can continue offering bursary assistance to New and Future Family Doctors who find themselves in need of financial assistance to participate in WONCA Europe Conferences and VdGM Forums.


In return for their help VdGM has offered the lottery grand prize to Tsililia Salama who will now have to decide on which option to take: a free registration for the 5th VdGM Forum, a free registration for the VdGM Preconference 2018, or 100€ reimbursement for WONCA Europe Conference 2018.


Consolation prizes were offered to the following runner-ups and/or top contributors: Job Metsemakers, Patrick Tabouring, Ayse Caylan, Berit Hansen, Jussi Heikkilä, Meltem Oper and Ayşenur Topuz.


Finally, a token of appreciation was offered to Max Haag for collecting the most donations, including the donation from the grand prize winner.


Please click on the image below to find more about the VdGM Fund and bursaries.

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