VdGM Lottery: donate towards the VdGM Fund

Since 2012, thanks to the generous support of donors, VdGM has been able to offer bursary assistance to 20 New and Future Family Doctors who were in need of financial assistance to participate in WONCA Europe Conferences and VdGM Forums. Find more stats/info on our website.


This year, we’re doing a lottery to raise funds that shall allow us to continue to help our peers in need. 


For donations to the VdGM Fund made to our officers (listed hereat the VdGM Preconference/WONCA Europe Conference 2017 in Prague, donors will get:

  • 1 ticket in return for 2€ (up to 1.99€ get no tickets; 2€ to 4.99€, get 1 ticket)
  • 4 tickets in return for 5€ (5€ to 9.99€ get 4 tickets)
  • 10 tickets in return for 10€ (10€ to 10.99€, get 10 tickets)
  • 1 ticket per each euro for donations above 10€ (11€ to 11.99€ get 11 tickets, 12€ to 12.99€ get 12 tickets, and so on).


A form will be used by our officers to enter the tickets into the Lottery. On submission the donors will immediately receive a confirmation email detailing her/his ticket numbers.

The form will be accepting submissions until 24:00 (local time in Prague), June 30, 2017. Please make your donations before then!


After the deadline, the donor who has the closest matching ticket to the winning ticket will be considered the grand winner. The grand winner will be announced on this website and contacted via email to redeem the winning ticket for an entry in the 5th VdGM Forum or 2018 VdGM Preconference or else a 100€ reimbursement for the 2018 WONCA Europe Conference.


The following four closest matches as well as the top donors (ie, those who have the greatest number of tickets) will win a VdGM Fund badge (to be delivered on the morning of July 1st, 2017, at the conference venue) and will be specially featured on the VdGM website


All donors will be listed and acknowledged on the webpage dedicated to the VdGM Fund.


You can track the success of our fundraiser in the graphic below.


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