VdGM Pre-Forum Exchange, 11-13th September 2016, Israel

The exchange will take place in a variety of Israeli urban and rural locations during the 3 days (11-13/09/2016) prior to the 3rd VdGM Forum in Jerusalem (14-16/09/2016). It is worth mentioning that Sunday (day 1 of exchange) is a working day in Israel and participants traveling to the exchange are advised to fly to Israel on Saturday (or earlier).


During the first two days, each trainee will visit a local primary care clinic and will practice Family Medicine along with a local Family Doctor (preferably his host).

After working hours the guest is free to explore and experience the local way of living, social life, traditions, and if possible meet with VdGM colleagues who are located nearby.

On the 3rd day of the exchange program, all participants will meet in Jerusalem for social and light academic activities.


The participants will be hosted by local GP’s and will be exposed to Israeli primary care clinics as well as to the versatile Israeli culture. Accommodation at hosts will be from Saturday afternoon/evening all through to Tuesday morning when each participant will make his own way to Jerusalem.


Besides flights to Israel and back to origin, participants will have to cover costs for transportation from airport to hosts and from hosts to Jerusalem. Please note that participants will stay with hosts from Saturday through Tuesday, but accommodation for the final night before Forum starts (Tuesday 13/09) should be arranged individually by guests.


To apply please contact your National Exchange Coordinator. The application deadline is April 30th, 2016.

Placements available on a first come first served basis, so hurry up and contact your NEC.


Read more about the 3rd Forum and the pre-Forum exchange by clicking here.



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