VdGM Reaction to Ukraine Invasion

The situation in Ukraine, with absolute disregard for human safety and democracy, is deeply saddening to us. The fear Ukrainians must be experiencing now cannot be imagined by most of us, not to mention the danger they are facing. This is made so much worse knowing that these actions are unnecessary, and unwanted by the vast majority.

VdGM is built on values of mutual respect, care and community. As doctors, beneficence, non-maleficence, respect for autonomy and justice are utmost principles. This evolving, terrifying situation goes against everything we believe in and value. The impact this is having and will continue to have not only on all Ukrainians around the world, but on mankind itself, must be devastating. We are looking at a situation of loss of life, risks to health, and high risk of displacement.

Alongside this, the response from the international community leaves us with added dismay - seeing our brothers and sisters in such peril, we should respond with stronger defence. We should stand together against oppressors.
We sincerely hope that this situation will be responded to appropriately, and that it will be over soon. We hope that Ukraine's neighbours will be ready with compassionate action to help those in need, whether seeking medical attention, or fleeing life-threatening danger.

As young family doctors from all over Europe we will experience the impact of this inconceivable conflict in our day-to-day work for generations to come, for which we all should take action.

Respect for human life, autonomy and democracy are vital and we should strive for understanding and peace.

Supporting Humanitarian Action in Ukraine:
If you can provide financial support here are some actions we think are worth supporting (this list is evolving).
Red Cross Ukraine [this is for the Red Cross within Ukraine] - https://redcross.org.ua/en/donate/
Red Cross International - Ukraine Appeal [within and beyond Ukraine] - https://www.icrc.org/en/donate/ukraine
We would also recommend specifically donating to the Red Cross in countries neighbouring Ukraine as they will be able to mobilise quickly to support refugees.
ICMDA [providing medical supplies and other resources to Ukrainian Christian doctors] - https://icmda.net/ukraineappeal/
MSF - while MSF do not have a specific Ukraine appeal, they are currently mobilising their personnel and resources within and around Ukraine to provide support as they are able [find info here: https://msf.org.uk/country/ukraine-briefing] - https://msf.org.uk/secure/donate

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