VdGM Swag

Order your VdGM swag online now and have the products delivered to you during the 2016 VdGM Pre-conference in Copenhagen. Exclusively for online orders until May 22nd 2016 Monday 23rd May at 20:00 GMT+0, these products will not be available for sale on-site.


The products are subject to supplier availability. The prices include taxes and delivery costs.



By getting any of these products you will be contributing towards a very good cause: the VdGM Fund!


The VdGM Fund helps fight inequities in the European context which prevent many trainees and junior General Practitioners/Family Physicians (GPs/FPs) from joining the annual Preconference and the WONCA Europe Conference.

Since 2012, the Fund  has already helped 14 junior GPs/FPs to attend the WONCA Conferences in Prague, Lisbon and Istanbul.


Help others by getting VdGM swag!


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