WONCA Europe

A Video Journey

Have you finished a Hippokrates Exchange? Have you told friends about how exciting it was? How about telling everyone about it?

Be the face of VdGM's Hippokrates Exchange Programme!

  • In a short video (3-5 minutes):
  • tell us who you are and what you do
  • when and where did you do the Hippokrates Exchange
  • why did you pick that country
  • what are the top three things you learned during the exchange related to FM/GP
  • what else did you learn about the country
  • what did you do different in your activity after the exchange
  • what advice do you have for young FM/GPs who want to do a Hippokrates Exchange

You can follow the template questions but please add anything else you fell is relevant, it's your video!

Technical details:

  • video should be around 3-5 minutes
  • any video format is fine
  • HD camcorder or digital camera is best, but you can also use the camera on your phone to record the video if the quaility is ok
  • make sure there is plenty of light and a quiet environment when you record, we want to see and hear you ! :)


Please be aware that the video will be uploaded to VdGM's YouTube Channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/VascoDaGamaMovement) to raise awareness about the Hippokrates exchanges and will be featured on the www.vdgm.eu website and our Facebook page!


For more information, please write to the Image Group (image@vdgm.eu)


Pedro Azevedo from Portugal sent in the first video ! You can watch it on VdGM's Youtube page here. Thank you, Pedro !



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