Winners of the Exchange Awards

We are happy to inform that a panel appointed by VdGM, EURIPA & WONCA Europe has selected the winners of this year's Hippokrates and Carosino Prizes among 13 submissions, eight for the Hippokrates Prize and five for the Carosino Prize.

On behalf of VdGM, we would like to send our deepest appreciation to all the applicants. Their remarkable testimonials/reports are not only a reward to the many people who make the exchange programme a reality, but also a proof of its educational value. 

VdGM also wishes to thanks all National Exchange Coordinators, whose work is essential to the Hippokrates Programme as well as to the success of this very special event.


Selecting just one winner for each Prize has been more than challenging - in a sense they are all winners. A special thanks to every member of the panel who evaluated the applications and selected the winners - starting from the founder of the Hippokrates Programme itself, Per Kallestrup, along with the President of WONCA Europe, Anna Stavdal, EURIPA member, Donata Kurpas, VdGM Education&Training Liaison, Ivana Babic, and Beyond Europe Liaison, Veronika Rasic.


So with no further ado, we are delighted to announce the winners of this year's Exchange Prizes:


André Nguyen Van Nhieu from France (left photo), for the best Hippokrates exchange (hosted by Dr Simon Thornton in Bristol, UK)


Ana Rita Coutinho from Portugal (right photo), for the best Carosino exchange (hosted by Dr Charalampos Vittorakis in Crete, Greece)






Andrè and Rita will present their experience in the upcoming WONCA Europe Conference in Prague. Don't miss it!



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